1988 Suzuki SJ410 Q Soft Top 970cc from UK and Ireland


A fun off-road plaything!


Small Bits of welding which were easily rectified.

Electrical problems with the indicators, other than that nothing.

General Comments:

Although it obviously smells, looks, runs and drives like an old car you could not buy another 15 year old car which is more fun to own, especially in the summer when it turns heads with the top down.

The only problem is the power, it only has a small engine so performance is limited, don't get me wrong there are slower cars when doing 0-50mph, but it does struggle to go much faster than 65mph and it does take a while to get there, but speed is not why I bought it.

It must also be noted that its boasts surprising off-road credentials!

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 28th July, 2003