29th Jun 2001, 02:38

The Suzuki SJ 410 is a great little car.

I have a SJ 410 cabriolet. It's fun, cheap, reliable and great on snow, off-road etc.

Actually it won the first prize in the Danish Land Rover Club Trial year 2000! (they now changed the rules so only Land Rovers can participate).

You can see my SJ on www.ahn.dk

Asbjørn Hagen Nielsen, Denmark.

20th Aug 2001, 11:33

We have just acquired an SJ410 and that the previous comments are spot on.

With regard to the seats, we have just replaced ours with a set of 1999 Corsa front seats and have experienced a remarkable difference between the old originals and the new ones. A slight modification had to be made underneath the sliding track (add 50 x 50 sq. tubing cross bars) to elevate the seats to the correct level.

We would like to acquire a little bit more information with regard to some serious backlash at the differential.

Apart from this, the vehicle seems to operate way above expectations. We do also own two Nissan 4x4 high riders, but the little Suzuki seems to get to places where the bigger vehicles seem to be struggling. Please give input with regards to eradicating the diff backlash.




12th May 2002, 10:11

Today is one of my biggest highlights - We, my husband and I, saw one. Tonight we are going to look at it and if it is what I was hoping for - my hubby is going to buy it for me. This just might be a dream come true. Hope my next comment will be that I am now a proudly owner the Suzuki SJ410. It might be interesting to know that our current car is a Volkswagen Golf.

1st Sep 2002, 18:39

I as well agree the Suzuki SJ410 is a great car!

My mother bought mine in 1987 and drove it until I got my driving license which was in 1998, then I had it till may of 2002. I've now got an Subaru Impreza, but I did not want to sell my SJ410 so I decided to rent a garage to put it in and keep it!

I can't understand the problems concerning the gearbox. Never had any problems at all with the gearbox (it is the original one!). I never drove any car you could change gears that easily! I also think it is one of the best off road vehicles ever built, although the 1,0 liter engine seems a bit too small for steep hills to climb off road!

If you need a small off road vehicle and you can buy a SJ410, BUY IT!

(Sorry for any mistakes, but I used only the English You get taught in German Schools)

Yours sincerely

Achim Leib



10th Dec 2002, 15:59

This is also my first car, I've only had it for about 2 months, but love it to pieces, can't wait to get her off-road, but gotta get my license first! Any tips on improving the way it runs etc. will be most appreciated.

28th Jan 2003, 22:24

These little Suzukis are awesome... get up just about any banks. The only problem I had was that my engine seized so I dropped a 1.3 corolla petrol into it - goes amazing off-road now. Ive been called on a few times to tow Hiluxes and Isuzu MU's out of gravel riverbeds - it's too light to get stuck.

26th Oct 2004, 00:44

Watch out for rust.

My lovely SJ410 has been sold to someone who can fix all the rust that came in the frame. Denmark is tough on cars, rust is a common problem here. Winters with snow, and a policy to put salt on our roads when snowy speeds up rust like s.

Fortunately the car has been fixed and are now throttling along in the danish hills and forests. Great car.

23rd Jan 2005, 16:21

I just bought my SJ410, I'm so impressed with it! My wife loves it so much, that she nick-named it the "Wonderful Zuki", It's a lot of fun!

30th Dec 2005, 11:43

My jeep has given me hours of fun. Only got two problems. Back lash on the rear diff and steering box has a lot free play.From Ian,Durban South Africa

20th Jun 2006, 08:59

Have been looking for a old clapped out sj410 to convert to a 4x4 buggy for the bush. Have eventually got hold of one and am extremely excited.

Have stripped it down bare and will start the major cleaning and building process. In my heart I know this will be the ultimate buggy. Obviously having a 2x4 buggy and enjoying every minute on it.

This project will give me the greatest thrill the day I can eventually test drive it. I know it's going to be awesome. "The little mean machine" Pity we can't post foto's.


Cape Town.

16th Apr 2007, 06:47

I have just bought my first sj410 am very exited to take her off road as I have read all the good comments about them. But have to wait as it is in for a engine overhaul. Will keep you posted on the performance afterwards.


Cape Town

South Africa.

1st Aug 2008, 10:10

Strawberry and Chocolate are two SJ410s. Strawberry is a 1987 hard top and Chocolate is a 1984 soft top. Only problem is my daughter now wants her own SJ410 so the search starts all over again for one more so that every member of the household has an SJ410.

Very reliable. Keeps you forever young. Goes on the beach like nobody's business and takes you to work every day without problems.

Both SJs run with standard Suzuki parts. Chocolate has been tuned a bit and is able to leave the drivers of many new and bigger cars with red faces when going head on from robot to robot.

Suzuki SJ410 is truly a way of life.

Please Suzuki SA, Bring back the SJ to our SA shores!

Braam & Ronel

South Africa.