1990 Suzuki Swift GLX 1.6 16v from Slovenia


Cheap, fast, reliable little car


I had a lot of rust to repair when I bought it. For example: undercarriage, doors,...

I had some problems with the exhaust, nothing major.

My battery started to die out, I recharged it twice and now everything is O.K.

General Comments:

The car is really nice to drive. It is very light (850kg) and it has 1.6 16V engine with 95 horse power so it's really fast. The parts are really cheap and you can get them almost everywhere. I always used second hand parts, because they are way cheaper.

Handling is not so good. You can feel the car moving when you corner.

I had some problems with the windows, nothing major, they are just hard to open/close.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2007

1990 Suzuki Swift GA 1.0 from Pakistan


Ferrari Testarossa of the Lower Class


Front axles are the biggest issue in my opinion as they need fixing / replacing every year.

Engine noisy (But still original since 1990)

A bit rust here and there, but manageable.

A few wiring issues since I bought it, but fixed easily.

General Comments:

A boxy and edgy design. Rare to find any more in small hatchbacks. Has that sporty look.

Handling is unbelievable for an old car with a 1.0.

Noise is addictive when RPM is at 4 and above.

Gearshift is not bad when compared to other suzukis of its time.

Dashboard quite futuristic for its age with buttons around gauge cluster.

Weight reduction can seriously improve performance.

One of the lowest rides in height when compared to other hatchbacks. Infact no other hatch is lower in its class in Pakistan.

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Review Date: 27th January, 2007

1990 Suzuki Swift Not sure 1.2 from Australia and New Zealand


An absolute little Trojan


Ingnition timer at 90,000 km.

Automatic gearbox popped surclip at 100,000 and destroyed the gearbox. However, a jap second import lasted another 230 000 km and cost $500 to buy and $300 to install.

Engine finally refused at about 300 000 km, along with the radiator. Phenomenal for a little 1.2.

Interior plastics do not handle the car being parked outside, they warp and fade fairly quickly. Tape deck packed in in after not too long.

One of the front headlights would repeatedly blow.

With a dark colour and no air-con, this car with it's huge windows was an oven in summer.

Apart from general wear and tear on this car, I never had any other major problems.

General Comments:

I punished and punished and abused this little thing from the first time I got it. It went up mountains and on crappy outback roads, moved furniture interstate, took me on long distance trips through years of poverty, and this little lion just kept going and going and going.

The 1.2 litre engine performed way beyond its capacity, no problems with highway driving at all.

Excellent fuel economy while the motor is still relatively new and in good condition.

Interior was relatively comfortable if well maintained, and there was heaps of room in the back if the seats were put down.

With large high windows, visibility was excellent safety wise, and I sure missed this when getting in a late model Falcon or Commodore.

Sure, I was embarrassed to be seen in it and I sure as hell would not like to have any sort of serious accident in it, as it was just an eggshell, but I felt more than sorry when I finally parted with this faithful little friend at the wreckers : (

It was a Suzuki Swift badged as a Holden Barina, but I was so thrilled with this economical, reliable little car that I seriously considered another one.

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Review Date: 17th January, 2007

1990 Suzuki Swift GLX 1.6 from Greece


I love it!!!


Things that went wrong...

Not lots of problems really...

Just problems that time creates... and things need to be changed such as I once changed the gearbox and we recently changed the engine... we found an engine from a Suzuki Vitara that fits great and is almost the same... and as far as I can feel works the same...

General Comments:

Well... my comments are very positive...

That car is an animal... it weights too little... almost 800-900 Kgs and it has enough power to say bye bye to other brand new cars with a 1.6L engine...

The only thing is that it doesn't turn as good as it accelerates... but this can be fixed with new suspension... harder ones and with bigger tires...

I really love my car...

People keep saying to me that it is at least 100Bhp and I just tell them that sry guys... no it is 89...

But still nobody believes...

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Review Date: 20th February, 2006