1999 Suzuki Swift Hatchback 1.3L from North America


A Crap Box


My main Engine seal went at 50,000km, then had that fixed and then other engine seals went. At 85,000 km 3 cylinders went in it, along with the Crank shaft. My engine light has been on for over a year they cannot find the problem. You name it I have had fixed on this car. Now at 130,000 The number 4 cylinder is burnt up from the Engine seal going and It needs another expensive motor job on it. I would not recommend anyone buying this car!

General Comments:

When it is running right which is never it does have the power on the highway does handle OK in weather. Does not handle well in wet conditions and over all is a total lemon of a car.

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Review Date: 27th November, 2002

7th Aug 2008, 15:33

One must keep in mind that the Suzuki Swift is an economy car, and it is meant to be treated as such. Mine has nearly 180,000 kms and I have no trouble with the engine at all. If you drive it like it's a top fuel dragster then you're going to make problems with the engine. Also if you don't do the regular maintenance like oil changes every 5000 kms and gear box oil changes every 20000 kms, you will have issues. I think the trouble here is not the unit, but the operator.

1999 Suzuki Swift 1.0 GLS 1.0 from Italy


A total waste of money


Squeaks on the dashboard.

Both the power windows broken.

Driver's seat distorted.

Rumours from the brakes during the drive (not during the braking action!)

Clutch broken at 8000 km, with a quiet drive.

The exhaust system rattles.

Very thin paint (easy to scratch).

The most recent defect: grave loss of oil from the hydroamplifier.

Loss of screws in the interior.

All this on a NEW car.

General Comments:

Nothing to say, except for a very bad dealer.

If you want a reliable car and you want to take easily the spare parts, don't buy a Suzuki.

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Review Date: 16th April, 2002

1999 Suzuki Swift 1.3 gasoline from North America


It's a poor man's Honda Civic


Loose rear fender screw on passenger side.

General Comments:

The engine could use about 300 cc's more in displacement. You do tend to suprise people who are expecting the usual lethargic 3 cylinder Chevy Metro performance though. I would have paid more for it than I did.

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Review Date: 4th May, 2000

15th Nov 2007, 14:56

Poor man's Honda Civic it is! It does the job just fine, and it doesn't cost a fortune in gas. What a fabulously fuel efficient car it is! Mine is a '99 Swift with a 5 speed and a 1.3 liter four-banger. The engine is very durable and it starts and runs excellent. The transmission is weak though, and one could easily destroy it if one drives rough. My 2nd gear won't shift smoothly anymore, it could be a bad synchronizer. Other than that, and the amount of rusting issues I presently have, it is a really good car that won't break the bank. Cheap to buy and cheap to drive. Can't complain!

20th Dec 2007, 09:07

The swift that I bought does not have air conditioning. It is a 1992 Suzuki Swift.