30th Apr 2006, 12:12

I have seen Suzuki Verona's, and they are definetly not a full-size car. Just compare it to an Impala or a LeSabre, those are full size cars. Very few cars that have a 2.5 liter engine are considered "full-size", and the Verona certianly isn't.

3rd May 2006, 13:19

I purchased a new 2005 Suzuki Verona in Huntsville, AL. The first thing to replace was the Engine Control Module which caused the transmission to shift weird or slip. Next the stereo had to be replaced because some of the lights didn't work at night. Then the speedometer head messed up so some of the digits that display the mileage quit working. Their fix: Replace the speedometer head; so now the mileage displayed is not the actual mileage of the vehicle. I had a Suzuki Reno before this Verona. How I wish I had the Reno back. The quality is definitely not in a Suzuki Verona.

6th Jan 2007, 18:20

The Verona is sold through Suzuki dealerships, but it's not made by Suzuki. It's a GM owned Daewoo Korean car.

You want a genuine Suzuki car you would be looking at a Aerio, New Vitara, New SX-4. There is also the XL-7 which is a joint venture vehicle. The Suzuki version of that car which is the XL-7 had gotten good reviews over all. And it's engine which is a GM design is actualy MADE by Suzuki, not GM, which allowed them to pump out more horsepower and refinement than the same engine that is built by GM itself LOL!

Soon Suzuki will stop selling all the Daewoo's which GM pawned off on them. Suzuki hasn't been too happy with the problems of these korean Daewoo's either. They're already working on actual Suzuki MADE replacements for the Daewoo's, to start being phased out starting in 2008.

Best advice if you're considering buying a Suzuki, is buy one that is actually made my Suzuki, not a Korean re-badge. Even the XL-7 which is made at the CAMI Joint-Venture plane is still more Suzuki that any of the Korean re-badges!

26th Feb 2007, 14:43

I bought my 2004 Verona in October 2005 from a local car rental company in Seattle. It had 20,000 miles on it. It now has 38,000 and so far, so good.

Recently the odometer part of the dash lighting has gone out, but that's it. After reading the preceding comments, however, I'm holding my breath. There seems to be a difference between the 2004 and the 2005 - the 2005 having more problems.

I like the smooth and responsive power train. We live in a fairly hilly area and I never have to shift manually; the transmission seems to anticipate just the right gear need. (I've never used premium gas, by the way.) The cruise control is also very smooth.

The only dissatisfaction so far is with the climate control system. When the system senses that the digitally set temperature has been reached, it begins blowing cool to luke warm air. I don't know if that's normal for climate control systems in general, since this is the first car I've ever owned with one, but I find it a bit annoying.

In the mean time I'll just knock on my simulated wood dash and see how far this car takes me.

17th Oct 2007, 11:51

To the original poster, this car is not a smooth drive. In fact, considering it's a straight 6, when you want to accelerate, it will jump way up to 4000 RPM depending on how fast you are currently going. This car has worse acceleration than my old Saturn SL1. The V-6 may be the only option, but it is a tiny 2.5L V-6. You might as well save on gas and get a 4-cylinder Sonata. Hyundai has been making fairly decent cars for the money the past few years and their warranty is better.

Also, the cruise control isn't the greatest. Once you hit set, it will take about 2-3 seconds before it catches. This is fun if you are on the freeway as you will slow down by about 5 MPH before it catches and re-accelerates to your set speed. The rest of the car is about what you would expect to pay for the money. Not bad. Depreciates faster than you can catch up with on a 5-year loan.

23rd Nov 2007, 05:56

I bought an 05 Verona in February of 2005. It ran great for the first few months then the Check engine light came on. I went back to the dealer and they said it was probably due to the gas cap not being positioned correctly. They cleared the codes and the light went out. A few months later the light came back on again and I went back to the dealer, was told it was a sensor which they changed--light went out.

I had new tires and rims put on the car--came outside the next morning and had two flat tires. The tire pressure valves were leaking. Took the car to the dealer--they did not want to fix the valves because they said the rims were aftermarket. After badgering them--they finally changed them out for me--I paid the labor no parts.

Awhile later I was accelerating getting ready to get on the highway and the check engine came back on--was told it was a sensor. Had another one changed.

The car is now two years old--the check engine light comes on every once in a while and the airbag light does too. Turns out that the pressure switch located under the front passenger's seat is sensitive to movement. My daughter shifted in the seat and the airbag light on the driver's dashboard came on and stayed on. I went to another dealership and they tried to say that I had stuff under the seat that moved the cable. They cleared the light. A few months later the light came back on again--same scenario my daughter shifted the seat. I had her move the seat around and found that the light finally reset itself.

Every time I get any work done on tires, i.e. rotated or replace one--I usually end up with a slow leak from a tire pressure valve. I have taken to keeping an air compressor in my car--just in case I get a flat. Right now I have no leaks, but the tire pressure light has been on for a couple of months--I removed the fused for the light so I wouldn't have to look at it anymore.

The check engine light came on about two weeks ago--the car is running just fine. I went to the dealership, but was told they couldn't get me in due to the holiday. The light ended up going out on its own for a few days and then just came back on two days ago--car running just fine.

I am a single parent and when I bought this car new--I thought I was getting a good deal with the warranty and all, but the car is extremely annoying. Every time I turn on my car I never know what lights will be on or not. The dashboard clock works intermittently as well.

I suggest to anyone that they do NOT buy a Suzuki--run from this car and this auto maker unless you have a lot of time to spend in the service department's waiting room.

12th Mar 2008, 12:52


2005 Verona.

I went to a tire dealer and asked them if there was a fix for the tempermental tire pressure sensors and they suggested that I replace the valve stems with regular ones. I did it and have not had one problem with any tire leaks. The car was out of warranty for the tires so it was not a big deal.

The check engine light has been on and off again. Took it back to the dealer and they tried to say it was the 02 sensor again or maybe the gas cap again. I think you get the picture. They have NO clue. The car is running fine though.. maybe the light just wants company.