2003 Suzuki Wagon R+ 1.3 from UK and Ireland


The best elderly citizens runabout yet made


Stater motor failed at 68324 miles.

Had to show my mother how to put in park to start it; I can't blame Suzuki for this!

General Comments:

I bought the car for my 80 year old mother when her Nissan Prairie succumbed to terminal rust.

It is perfect for her needs, as a shopping trolley for her weekly trip to the supermarket.

Not luxurious comfort inside, but it's easy to adjust the seats to a comfortable driving position.

So easy to drive with its automatic transmission and power steering; she likes the electric windows too.

Very easy to load through the rear door, and parking is very easy because it is so small.

It is also adequate for longer trips, as long as you aren't in a hurry.

It seems to have reasonable fuel economy, although with the tiny amount of miles it is driven, it doesn't matter much. It's only had 4 tankfuls of fuel since mother has owned it.

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Review Date: 28th October, 2011

1999 Suzuki Wagon R+ GL 1.0 petrol from France


Stroke of genius - can't find anything as space-efficient to replace it


New front disks under warranty at 60,000 km.

Gearshift cable broke at 78,000 km.

Water leak into trunk from roof seam (several times).

Tyres at 93,000 km & 171,000 km (winter tyres all year).

Exhaust bracket welded at 178,000 km.

Sills rusted so patched at 192,000 km.

Handbrake cable freezes on if used in freezing conditions.

Rear brake shoes rust to drums if handbrake left on when wet.

General Comments:

Tiny outside & HUGE inside!

High seating position.

Airy & light inside.

Excellent visibility all round.

Good visibility for rear passengers too.

BRILLIANT fold-flat rear seats.

Big square trunk (for car size) & underseat storage.

It looks & drives like new at 200,000 km.


A lot of people don't like the appearance.

Inadequate rear suspension travel.

Only 4 seat belts when room for 5 people.

Rear lamps unprotected in bumper (has not been a problem yet).

Several bulbs are very difficult to replace.

Rear screen & lighting controls badly placed & not illuminated.

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Review Date: 13th August, 2009

1997 Suzuki Wagon R+ 0.9 petrol from UK and Ireland


If you don't require any street cred and simply want to go to and from work, it's perfect!


I had to have the sill patched for MOT, and some brake work (cleaned and replaced disks and pads).

General Comments:

This car is a perfect city car for getting to and from work.

The car is nippy around town, but the most unbelievable struggle on A roads and getting up to speed.

Very roomy inside, almost like a Tardis!

Only has 4 seat belts, so I can only carry 3 passengers.

Basic inside, but well laid out.

Has electric windows, power steering and a driver's airbag, that's it.

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2009

24th Apr 2009, 01:13

Was the sill corrosion or had it been chipped or damaged?

The later version 2000 - got only 4 seats to start with, but later version 2003? - got a different rear seat with 3 headrests and belts, so became a 5 seater.

There are so many mk1 Wagon Rs around still - must have been well built!

13th Aug 2010, 07:48

If you pump old or new oil into the sills via the door open sensors, the sills will not rot from the inside out.

2002 Suzuki Wagon R+ petrol from Isle of Man


Good value for money


Had problem with the central locking system and to replace the motor was expensive.

Uneven wear for the front tyre's.

Less mileage.

General Comments:

Very spacious and reliable.

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Review Date: 13th February, 2008

2000 Suzuki Wagon R+ 4wd 1.2 petrol from Norway


Practical mini-van


A few things, but myself to blame:

- New exhaust and suspension when I hit the road at 86,000 km

- New brakes at 91,000 km

- Some corrosion fixed at 89,000 km.

Otherwise, it starts every day from minus 25 to plus 25 Celsius.

General Comments:

Very nice city car!

4wd makes the car even more practical in wintertime. It is needed here in Norway!

The seats are not the best, but the car handling is surprisingly good.

It is also very practical. Friends call me all the time wanting help to transport something.

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Review Date: 19th October, 2007