1982 Talbot 1100 VF II 1.4 from Sweden


The memories make me sad


Rust, rust and more rust. I had to buy a welding machine.

Had to replace lower ball joints.

One front suspension torsion bar snapped.

Starting motor broke (a couple of times).

Drive shafts of very poor quality.

Brake lining and brake shoes had to be replaced often.

Water leaking in somewhere under the dashboard.

Replaces exhaust system many times.

Door locks were like bad jokes.

Linkage in between gearbox and stick fell apart.

General Comments:

A very comfortable little car if you don't mind an engine that sounds like a type writer. Wonderful seats, nice steering wheel.

Quite quick for its 69 hp.

Low petrol costs.

You have to be an acrobat to give this car a proper service.

The best place for a Simca is either in a car museum or at a junk yard.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 5th April, 2003