15th Apr 2008, 17:03

I have also just brought a W reg TATA Loadbeta Twin Cab 2.0 Tdi LWB.

My Rover 418 SLD Turbo Tourer was going to cost me more than £400 to Mot & put 6 months tax on. So I swapped it with the guy who I got the rover from.

OK. The Rover was more comfortable & had way more Electrics & option than this basic pickup. But the Loadbeta, after I put £16.00 diesel in the tank. Was happy to cover 75 miles & still leave me with over 1/4 of a tank (it was just below 1/2).

When going thru town, it will happily chug on at 35 - 40 mph in 5th.

The handbook says it will do 90mph. But I am happy at 60mph. Had my fun with the rover.

I live in the country, so the loadbeta it right at home. It's a shame its payload in the back isn't high, but it isn't a tank.

Hoping to have many happy years with this one.

11th Apr 2014, 15:58

I bought a Tata pick up a few years ago brand new from a lot. This is my experience with the truck.

- The whole body of the car started rusting.

- The glass windows fall in and get stuck.

- The air conditioner never worked.

- If you turn the air on, the truck can't pull well.

- The car went in and out of the service department; they could never resolve the air conditioner problem. The whole body was repaired twice.

Never enjoyed this truck. As I speak, it is sitting at home and I don't know what to do with it. I have spent lots of money with no success.

I regret ever buying this truck. I will not buy any car or truck from Tata. I would not recommend it at all.