2000 Tata Safari LX 2.0lt from UK and Ireland


A value for money work horse that looks the 4x4 part


Rear exhaust box failed, long wait for a replacement, however the importers were excellent and sourced a British made one.

Bottom pulley came loose and fan belt shattered cooling fan. Again a lengthy wait for a fan, but it performed adequately well without one, the electric fan coped well enough.

General Comments:

Not really for the image conscious.

Excellent off road, doesn't get stuck in muddy fields, and can tow all day without missing a beat.

Service intervals are to short, doing a high mileage makes it expensive. But set against the low initial outlay I suppose it is still cheap.

Service from the local agent is excellent.

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Review Date: 29th October, 2003

2000 Tata Safari EX 2.0 turbo diesel from Australia and New Zealand


Good potential, let down by poor quality


Gearbox faulty (synchromesh cones), fixed under warranty.

Intermittent problems with driver's door lock, and a broken handle (requiring a whole new assembly with a different key).

Dead battery at 35,000 kilometres and alternator blew at 36,000.

Plastic parts shoddy, brittle and expensive to replace.

Power rear view mirrors next to useless.

General Comments:

I use the car for close to its intended purpose, namely long distance travel on poor roads. The performance and economy for this use is adequate.

The seats are really comfortable, and handling on dirt roads very good.

The car is let down by very poor quality fittings, reliability issues and availability of spares.

The acceleration is leisurely, and more power is definitely needed for hilly country.

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Review Date: 20th December, 2002

10th Feb 2004, 04:40

Tend to agree with most of the comments, I find the Tata a basic good 4x4. Having real problems with the lights going out when indicators are used.

19th Sep 2006, 08:12

The Tata Safari is a good vehicle. All Tata cars will soon be a vehicle every other manufacture will want to accuire.

2000 Tata Safari 1.8 diesel from UK and Ireland


An absolute bargain that looks good and drives well


Automatic petrol cap not closing properly.

Grinding noise on left hand side.

General Comments:

I have been most impressed with this car, OK it's not a Ferrari, but it is steady, comfortable and very economic. It carries 7 passengers with ease and there is so much room inside.

Only downfall slow to accelerate (but I'm no boy racer anyway) and the seat belts for the rear/boot seats cost £200 extra.

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Review Date: 25th June, 2002