2004 Tata Safari EX 2.0 TD from UK and Ireland


A budget 4x4 built to work hard- tough where it counts


Headlamps required adjusting.

Sidelight bulb blew repeatedly (now fixed)

A/C belt squeaked when new, replaced and now quiet.

General Comments:

The Safari is a rugged, traditional 4x4 that offers full-size 4x4 space and ability for 'mini 4x4' money.

I have experienced this vehicle (and its more spartan relative, the Sumo) in India, as well now in the UK and was impressed by their tough mechanicals and off-road ability.

Seats are comfortable even on long off-road trips.

Interior build quality is not very good, but it all works and the actual mechanical components seem strong and reliable.

Performance is sluggish (only 90 horsepower from the ex-Peugeot engine), but the motor is surprisingly refined, economical and excellent in an off-road situation.

The Safari is a good working vehicle, which seems to be lacking in the market today. I'm willing to tolerate its old-fashioned road manners (lots of body roll and vibration) for its excellent off-road ability.

A lot of car for the money- power steering, air conditioning, electronic transfer box, excellent folding seats, alloy wheels, all for compact-car money.

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Review Date: 22nd September, 2005

2004 Tata Safari 1.9 diesel from UK and Ireland


Not recommended


Transmission flaws.

Engine underpowered.

No air-bags, safety features non-existent.

General Comments:

Not a good bargain. Design is quite stylish, but engine & transmission is poor.

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Review Date: 17th March, 2005

19th Jan 2006, 15:47

Don't buy this car if you value your sanity. I have had a Tata

Safari for 18 months, and the rear door and passenger rear door leaked like a sieve. Lost all its coolant soon after the doors were fixed, followed by a faulty gearbox (10 weeks to fix), faulty brake drums after that, Bad tracking on the front driver's side,

and the most recent failure, the turbo has just failed. The only

good point is Tata have honoured the warranty faultlessly so far. Also, the depreciation has gone from £14000 to £5000 in 18 months.

27th Nov 2007, 06:45

This Car is great! It is not perfect, but there isn't a car that doesn't give any trouble. I love every bit of this SUV and I had it for 6 years now. Will upgrade when the new safari (2008) comes out.

3rd Feb 2008, 08:13

This car is perfect for me. It is not trouble free, but no car is. I had three different makes in my life; Toyota Tercel, Fiat Punto and Tata Safari. The Tata is the best one so far.

2004 Tata Safari Exi 2.1L petrol from India


Excellent, rugged and refined SUV for the price


A/C belt making too much noise. Had it looked into, and now there are no problems.

Engine knocks if premium quality fuel is not used.

General Comments:

I have been using this vehicle for four months now, I have the new 2.1L petrol version.

It has 136bhp compared to the turbo diesel's 90hp, and the difference felt is huge!

The engine is extremely refined.. something I was not expecting from a Tata.

The interior is the best.. And the off road ability is unparallelled in its price range.

It would shame vehicles costing twice as much.. It is running flawlessly for the 4 months I have it.

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Review Date: 6th May, 2004