1987 Tatra T613 3.5 V8 petrol from Slovakia


If not the best, sure the most wonderful limousine of 80's


Nothing important.

Only at the end of its life did it have crashed front shock-absorbers, brakes and exhaust. I didn't want to repair it, because I had my next car already.

General Comments:

Great car. Not a car, but a boat on the road. Length 5,5m, width to 1,9m (I don't remember exactly), so much space on the front and rear seats. (I couldn't touch my wife on the next seat :) ) ) )

I haven't seen this in any other car (my next car was a BMW 730 and it was a small car compared with the Tatra).

Some people cannot drive this car, it is huge and powerful, but (I prefer it) it has rear drive and the engine is over the rear axle. In winter I must put 50kg weight to the front, then the ride was right.

The car is near to 2000 kg, and the engine with transmission is 900 kg. It sits great on the road, but it swims little bit, so small corrections were needed.

Drivers from West Europe with front drive and front engines doesn't drive such cars, so in WE tests it was reported as a not very good car. But they forget, that this is not a small car for quick rides on country roads, but a great limousine for celebrities and for highway driving.

The engine was a V8, absolutely excellent type, about 200 HP, more than 250Nm, air cooled.

I've drived on this car cca 100 000 km. First general repair was planned at 500 000 km! It was a rebuilt engine from truck. If I added throttle, the sound was great.

If the car stands still, you know that the engine is on by the rpm indicator. No other sounds.

The heating was 2 independent buffers on petrol from fuel tank. It was not needed to start the car to heat it before driving (model 1970!!!).

Fuel consumption cca 10 litres/100km (sometimes twice).

This car was absolutely comfortable (it was developed for presidents, prime ministers...). There was no problem to drive it 8 hours non stop. At the end of the road you stepped out from the car absolutely fresh, no driver's fatigue. People looked at the car with interest and respect.

Last words:

I've parked it in one parking place in front of one building. A security guard came to me and said: Mister, could you re-park your ship please? This is place of the director...

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Review Date: 26th October, 2006

16th May 2007, 08:42

I'd like to set to my first review HAPPY FACE.

14th Jul 2011, 06:15

Tatra were ahead of their time in many ways, and had some great ideas. It's interesting how they stuck with air cooling when all but everyone else had abandoned it. There's still Tatra trucks on the road today with air cooling.

The VW Beetle design was a Tatra one, and they successfully sued VW over it.

The 613 was a poor looking car compared to the 603 in terms of visual appeal.