1966 Trabant 601 2 cylinder 2 cycle from North America


Reliable communist relic



General Comments:

Brought the Trabi back from Hungary legally in 1997 (because of US EPA emissions requirements, car had to be manufactured prior to 1968). Car is registered, has yearly inspection sticker in Texas and is insured. Is driven to work. Has reached speeds of 55 MPH. Because of its age, needs periodic replacement parts that we buy on trips to Hungary.

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Review Date: 14th January, 2003

3rd Jul 2008, 15:42

Wow you drive this thing in Texas? Nice.

3rd Jun 2009, 21:41

In Texas? Where at? I'm looking for one to use with my U2 tribute Mysterious Ways in Austin.

www.mysteriouswaysband.com for more info.

1966 Trabant 601 Kombi 0.6 two-stroke from Netherlands


Fun car


When I buy the car, I had to fix the engine.

General Comments:

Very funny car to drive. It always starts. Parts are cheap to get. You have to drive it to love it. Now I've bought my second Trabant. One isn't enough for me.

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Review Date: 9th August, 2000

3rd Dec 2000, 07:13

Isn't it amazing that all three of the drivers of this, one of the most unsophisticated cars on the site said they loved it and would buy another, whereas of the three McLaren drivers, one said he definitely wouldn't have another one and the other two were "Don't Know"s?

20th Dec 2000, 12:46

It shows that you can have fun without spending tons of money on buying and maintenance. Buying a Mercedes, or a Ferrari or a Rolls does not make you "problem proof". Try to tell a Mercedes dealer that the problem which appeared right after the warranty end is still covered and you will see....