1974 Trabant 601 2 cylinder from North America


The car is deserving of becoming a quirky classic


Since purchasing the car the only thing to go wrong were:

1. The Battery had to be replaced.

2. One front ball joint had to be replaced.


3. The gas tank had to be replaced due to rust after prolonged storage.

General Comments:

The Trabant has become a cult-auto and so regardless what minor, or for that matter major quirks it may have, owners will love them anyway.

The Trabant is so primitive in design that even a non-mechanically inclined person stands a good chance of figuring out why it won't start. Should repairs be necessary, they are also very easy to make.

Fuel consumption is amazingly low. I spend less than $20 a month for fuel.

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Review Date: 23rd June, 2001

11th Jul 2001, 23:11

How did you legally register a Trabi in the US? Even "Car and Driver" couldn't do it!

31st Jul 2001, 22:11

I would like to buy a Trabant and bring it to the United States but have been told that U.S. Customs will not allow one to be imported here. Would someone please email me with the rules and what to do to avoid any trouble?