1975 Triumph TR7 Hardtop slant 4 cylinder from North America


When it would start, it was a lot of fun


Would NEVER start when it rained.

Steering bolt fell out when almost new; NO STEERING.

Gas pedal cable snapped.

Oil pump quit.

Pop up headlights stopped popping up; had to crank them up manually.

Smith gauges worked sporadically

General Comments:

It was ahead of its time style wise, but mechanically it was a nightmare. I remember getting pulled over by a cop because he just wanted to inspect the car; it was a real attention getter. And the handling was awesome!

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 29th February, 2008

22nd Mar 2010, 14:13

I agree, my 1975 was bought in July of 75, I managed to keep it for almost 25 years. Used to buy interior switched by the twos, since they ALL failed (never understood how the Spitfire aircraft kept in the air with Lucas electrical products!)

Carbs were a nightmare to keep in sync, gas cable broke twice, transmission within 10,000 miles, trunk finally rusted out despite every effort to prevent it.

Loved the style, but was not the best on curves, almost died twice.

Brakes fair, alignment was very good, and the little engine did do a fair job for its size.

Paint (french blue) faded despite waxing, driver seat weak in frame. And OH yes, the distributor had neat little problem of breaking the contact points every 7000 miles, first time it took a month to figure out.

But I still miss it... yes dumb.. I paid $5200.00 for it and took a tax donation of $4000 after 25 years... not too bad? And no I would NOT buy another.