Good looking, but English made.

180 words, North America

TR7 2.0

Coolest thing created in the UK

75 words, Australia and New Zealand


70 words, North America, 1 comment

TR7 DHC 2.0

The car was ahead of its time, sure to become a classic with a "TR7 cult following"

156 words, North America

TR7 Dhc 2.0

When you don't have to rely on a car, drive a TR!

163 words, North America

TR7 Sprint conversion 2.0 16v

A great car and prices that are giving them away..!

125 words, UK and Ireland


Woefully deficient

86 words, North America

TR7 Convertible 2.0 4

Not what you would call a thoroughbred performer, but a very pleasant and satisfying vehicle

176 words, North America

TR7 2.0L petrol

Although much maligned, the TR7 is a sophisticated and rewarding auto to own

142 words, North America, 1 comment