2001 TVR Chimaera 450 V8 from UK and Ireland


Fantastic car to drive (and to listen to)


Leather on seats has discoloured and they need re-trimming.

Car leaks rainwater into drivers foot-well.

Radiator developed a leak (now sorted).

General Comments:

Where else would you get a car, which is a 'traditional' British sports car, has the performance of an Italian supercar, and the soundtrack of an American muscle car?!!

The car makes you smile every time you drive it, and you are compelled to forgive its minor faults.

That V8 is so 'addictive', both in sound and performance. At any speed and in any gear, it simply goes, and watching lesser machines disappear backwards in the rear view mirror is very satisfying!

Fuel economy is not too bad at all (depending on how you drive it) - I guess I average about 21/22 mpg, which is pretty good when you consider the power on tap.

Can be 'interesting' in the wet, but as long as you treat it with some respect, you are OK (although you would not choose to take it out if it is raining)

I have it serviced/maintained by an ex TVR factory guy, who is brilliant (and much cheaper than a dealer would be).

I absolutely love the beast, and have no regrets at all that I bought it.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 21st November, 2007