2013 Vauxhall ADAM Jam 1.4i petrol from UK and Ireland


A great handling city car, with all the gadgets you could want


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General Comments:

This wasn't originally a model I'd been considering when changing my car (the VW Up and Skoda Fabia initially drew my interest), but after test driving several cars, including the Fiat 500, I found the Adam to be very solidly-built and impressively kitted-out.

My initial test drive was of the 1.2i, which seemed functional but little more; the 1.4i was a considerably better drive (diesel engines are not available). The handling is good in both variants, and all-round visibility is also pretty good.

Unlike the other models I tried, the Adam comes with air-con & cruise control as standard throughout the range.

The front seats are nice and firm, and easily adjustable (though putting the seat belt on, covers the seat back adjuster). Although the back seats are comfortable enough, the leg room is definitely limited, but having said that, it is a 'city car'. There are plenty of storage points for any paraphernalia.

Being an iPhone owner, the 'Eyes-Free' feature is great when driving; simply holding the steering wheel button down and saying "Play music by George Harrison", and Siri happily obliges. It also means there's no excuse for risking lives to read texts, emails, etc. whilst on the go.

Also linked to a range of devices (Apple, Android & Windows), the 'Infotainment' system (not on all models) has a bright, clear display with a reasonably responsive resistive touch-screen. The usual range of radio bands also includes DAB, but there is no inbuilt CD player; digital music (and DivX/WMA video, when stationary) has to come via smartphone or MP3 connected to the USB socket.

There are several apps included: TuneIn, a decent internet radio app; Stitcher, a podcast player; and two versions of BringGo (Western / Eastern Europe), a functional satnav app, that unfortunately seems horribly cheap and clunky compared to the likes of 'Waze'.

I loved this car as soon as I started driving it. It is hi-tech without having a fussy, overcomplicated dashboard, small without being cramped, and reasonably priced without being low quality. It does look, from the outside, to be a chimera of different makes of city car, but it really ticked all the right boxes for me (and my wife too, who described it as 'really cute, but in a manly kind of way').

If you're considering a car of this type, I'd definitely recommend the Adam. (Not Edam, Alan, or any other variation on the theme!)

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Review Date: 25th September, 2013

26th Sep 2013, 11:26

Glad you like your car. I've recently changed mine too and looked into an Adam.

Two things put me off... the stupid name, as everyone I asked thought it sounded ridiculous, and a mate working for a Vauxhall dealership who told me not to bother as they wouldn't pull the skin off a rice pudding! And, he was right. The 1.4 had a SLOWER 0 to 60 time than the Hyundai i10 I was getting rid of that only cost me 7k new.

Vauxhall need to pep these things up... quickly. I bought a turbocharged Skoda Fabia instead, with cruise, parking sensors, multimedia system, DSG 7 speed gearbox, 17" alloys, hill hold, privacy glass... for less money.