1992 Vauxhall Astra SRi 2.0 8v SOHC petrol from UK and Ireland


Forget it. A 1.6 carburetor model is much better to drive


I bought the car knowing of a fault which three garages were unable to repair - The car would randomly stall or would not start. It only cost me time to fix it - it is possible to read fault codes on these models without any tools. It said the Crank sensor was disconnected, but it tested correctly. There was a poor solder connection in the E.C.U.

General Comments:

I never liked driving this car. I got it because I could not refuse it at the price asked.

Being used to BMW cars with long accelerator pedal tavel, I found that the car drove "like a go-kart" with almost an on-off throttle. It was quick, but there was no refinement. This car was very tiring to drive long distances.

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Review Date: 9th August, 2002

14th Dec 2002, 05:29

Perhaps instead of guessing at the problem with the car you should have consulted an expert.

The fuel pump relay throws up the same code as the CPS sensor and is a known problem with these engines.

The 2000cc 8v engine is one of the most reliable vauxhall engines I've come across and is easy to maintain if you learn a few things about it.

1992 Vauxhall Astra Merit 1.4i from UK and Ireland


A cheap family car


Engine and gearbox rattle.

Starter motor, alternator, distributer shaft, water and oil pump replaced.

General Comments:

After a Golf GTi I wasn't expecting a rocket, but the build quality is poor compared to Volkswagen. Although inside is basic, it has stood up well to kids and dogs.

It is good on fuel and luckily parts are cheap.

I took a chance with a high mileage one.

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Review Date: 8th January, 2002

1992 Vauxhall Astra GSi 2.0 16v from UK and Ireland


A rare performance car bargain


Front, near-side spring mounts rotted about 6 months ago. Replaced all mounts with up-rated bushes, including engine mounts.

General Comments:

Fantastic car. Good looking from all angles, easy to drive normally or the odd B road dash.

Buy from 92,93 as they received the 150 bhp engine rather than the later 134 bhp (makes all the difference).

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Review Date: 27th May, 2001

1992 Vauxhall Astra Astramax LD 1.7 diesel from UK and Ireland


Reliable workhorse, will increase your popularity if you lend it out!


Front suspension gaiter.

Window winder.

Fan belt.

Wear and tear items such as exhaust, battery, brake pads and discs.

General Comments:

Goes very well and handles safely when pushed hard.

Much better to drive than an Escort or Corsa van and more comfortable as well, although not exactly luxurious!

Extremely reliable and torquey engine.

The bodywork is complete pants, rusts around the sills and wheel arches but you can patch it up yourself. If you do buy one, check the bodywork carefully.

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2001

6th Jul 2001, 09:28

Since this review, have attacked the rusting wheelarches with a rotating wire brush. Lots of bodywork fell out! All down to crap body design.

Have caught it just in time to rescue the vehicle, which is good because it's in demand more than ever these days.

8th Nov 2002, 03:50

Recently bought a K reg Astra van LD. Seems to fine body work and drives O.K. However the glow plugs are not working properly so it takes a while to start. Also the ignition lights that go out when the key is turned continue to flicker off and on when the vehicle is running.

1992 Vauxhall Astra GSI 16V 2.0 from UK and Ireland


A superb car for little money


Most irritating are the tappets - a few minutes from cold they tap very annoyingly. I know it's a common fault on engines above 60,000 miles ish and would be interested to know if anyone has had them seen to. If so how much did it cost and did it fix the problem long term?

Computer says : Coolant level low.

Sensor on header tank corrodes away which is a known problem.

Computer says : Brake Pads Low. Brake sensor cable faulty - not the sensor cables that plug into the pads. Common fault.

Normal wear and tear items (brake pads, tyres etc.) you would expect to replace during 40,000+ miles of very enjoyable driving.

General Comments:

I've never owned a car where so many strangers constantly come and compliment the car.

Modifications include:

Full Janspeed exhaust system.

17 inch League 037 alloy wheels.

K&N Induction Kit.

Bosch Super 4 plugs.

Mobil 1 oil.

Alpine CD Head unit and changer.

Reference Infinity Speakers.

I probably will never own another Astra GSI because (without sounding big headed), mine is just about the nicest one I've seen, and I would only buy a J or K plate car so the chances of findind a 'proper' one when I do come to sell this one would be very remote.

It's a great pity that Vauxhall stopped production of this specification of the Astra so soon.

This car is superb, but I would like to add that I got the chance to drive a 1997 Subaru Impreza Turbo recently and as far as performance and grip are concerned, it was in a different league. If you do come across one of these in your GSI, let it go - it wouldn't be worth trying to keep up with it and crashing a great car in the process.

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Review Date: 22nd March, 2001

14th Jun 2001, 18:37

Ref noisy Astra GSi hydraulic tappets:

Use fully synthetic oil and change every 4500 miles, it's expensive, but a damn sight quieter!

3rd Aug 2001, 09:54

My 1992 Astra GSI 2.0 16V (20XE engine) has over 167K miles on the clock, with no ticking from cold or at any time while the car is running. My previous Cavalier GSI 16V (same engine) ticked for around 3-4 minutes from cold, only had 105K on the clock.