2011 Vauxhall Astra Elite 1.7 CDTi turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Vauxhall have come on so far. Forget your old prejudices, they're German now


So far tight as a drum, only a recall job tomorrow for indicators apparently. No cost to me though!

General Comments:

Absolutely fantastic quality on the interior, I counted over 70 buttons that all do stuff, just my kind of thing! But if you rebadged it and said it was an Audi, you'd be hard pressed to say no.

The 1.7 is seriously good. Keeps up with anything, and the only things that have left me standing are performance cars e.g. my cousin's Impreza. But at 1750rpm the turbo comes in, giving immediate to full power, so leaving roundabouts and the likes, you put your foot down and it flies!

Handling used to be an issue with my old '99 Astra, but with the new Watts linkage suspension, you can fly into corners at crazy speeds for a front wheel drive. I'm hitting 90 degree corners at 40mph and I'm getting hardly any understeer, and the nose doesn't even run wide!! Same corners in my old one, you would have been brave to hit them at even 30!

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Review Date: 27th July, 2011

28th Apr 2012, 12:25

Absolutely agree!

Just taken delivery of the 2.0 litre SRi Diesel, and it's a revelation! I'll be writing my own review of it soon.

Tad Davison.