26th May 2001, 15:52

I would agree with you! These vans are first class! My company runs 6 of the 1.7 TD 16V and do they shift. I have even out performed Saxo VTR's!! They do break down but it's normally only minor things that go wrong (these vans do about 40k a year, each).

28th May 2001, 10:08

Too right they shift, I had a Cavalier GSi try and overtake me on a straight between 2 roundabouts coming out of Dorchester a couple of months ago and he just could not get past! Unforunately though the engine has wrecked a cambelt and cam pulleys twice, so the vans gone back and I'm waiting for the replacement.

10th Sep 2001, 16:44

Has anyone been thinking of installing either a Powerlink or another device to monitor engine noise?

I have the Opel version, it rips...

1st Mar 2003, 05:10

Oh dear! I wondered how long it would take for a boy racer in his VTR to get all huffy puffy.

26th May 2003, 10:43

Yes a VTR's quicker - but only when you're doing laps round the town centre trying to impress the schoolies. It's not bad on the B-roads either. I was contemplating buying an Astra or a Saxo, but ruled out the Saxo as in real life, most drivers rarely spend all their time driving on farmer palmer's country roads, or the car-park at McD's.

21st Nov 2005, 17:04

I have just got a y reg 1.7 dti, but it seems gutless. I went in my mates one and it went like a rocket. whet I put y foot down it seems to hold back can someone tell me what might be wrong?

26th May 2006, 11:27

I'm on my 5th Astravan. I'm looking forward to the new model coming out later this year. 120BHP is mighty tempting. Just what the Astravan needs to make a good van a great van.

26th May 2006, 22:45

120BHP is tempting?! How much does this van weigh?? The van I drive has a 3.0L with 150 horsepower, and is it gutless! It does get great gas mileage, though. If you want something that will definitly blow the doors off anybody, get a 395hp Trailblazer SS, THAT is tempting. Since everbody seems to think this van is so fast, I'm curious, what are the torque specs on it?

9th Jul 2006, 06:06

Not everyone's a boy racer. Some of us have grown up a little. 120BHP is plenty in everyday, realistic conditions. I'm not concerned with racing people at traffic lights or trying to impress pedestrians by squealing around corners on my door handles. I want a vehicle that's comfortable to drive & has enough power to make a journey pleasing. The Astravan is a good, realistic workhorse. The extra 20BHP of the new model will simply provide more ease when carrying heavy goods.