27th Jun 2012, 08:40

I don't disagree that it looks good, the ride is beautiful, and that the car is generally quiet - more so as a petrol - but there are a couple of potential downsides that I feel I must point out!

1. You sit very low in the car, especially as a passenger, giving a slight feeling of looking upwards through a letterbox windscreen. If you're used to 'normal' seat height - let alone MPV etc - you may not like this.

2. Of course economy is pretty good with any diesel, but you pay more for the car in the first place, so unless you're going to do enough miles, you may never recover your money. Which then means you're putting up with a slight lack of refinement for nothing.

3. For the size of the car - far larger than you'd think for a 'small family car' - the boot isn't huge. Generally, much of the space you'd expect in a car this size has disappeared to the styling. That may not matter to you, of course!

4. The centre dash panel is peppered with buttons for the various functions. Appreciate you're not using them all at the same time, but I find it somewhat cluttered, and not ideal when on the move.

But certainly the best Astra so far, I'd agree!

Cheers - Peter (also Cambridge!).

2nd Feb 2014, 05:03

I only hope you don't get the problems I have had and am still getting, i.e. parking brake won't hold on a forward slope at all. If getting out of the car with the brake so called on and the key out, if you happen to touch the foot brake, the car is off!! Also, have had the car roll away after being parked up for several hours?

This week mine went in for a recall, EMC replacement, and is now booked back in as it is a gutless heap of s**t, won't pick up in any gear unless it is revving at over 2000 RPM. The main agent said it might need remapping as this sometimes happens?? If they know this, why was it not fully checked while they had it in??

Regret ever seeing this heap, and can't wait to replace it next year (unfortunately it's a contract hire car).