12th Dec 2002, 07:19

I own a 1990 Astra GTE 16v with a piper x air filter, janspeed full exhaust and a power boost valve. I think this is one of the fastest vehicles for the money you can purchase one for nowadays. The only problems I have with my vehicle are; Sticking speedometer (if I accelerate hard my speedometer will display 43mph constantly or go blank, rust on my rear arches, sticky windows and I cannot take bends or islands faster than 35mph.

All, but the latter are due to the vehicle being 10+yrs old the latter I'm told can be rectified with uprated suspension.

If you are looking on purchasing a GTE get the 16v (its worth it, even the higher insurance) check all the usual v5, rust etc and dodgy repairs as many have been rapped around trees or islands. With minor modifications and a well serviced engine your GTE will last as long as you need. WELL RECOMMENDED!

5th Oct 2005, 05:46

It's a great car, but it won't beat a half decent bike. My 600 Kawasaki is two seconds and 20 mph quicker over a quarter mile and will pull a genuine 160 (175 indicated). If it were a 1000cc sportsbike, you could change this to four seconds, 40 mph and 180 (200 indicated).

It is funny when hot hatches try to race you when out on the bike though. Nobody who had ever ridden a "big" bike in anger would try to race one, or claim their car was anywhere near as quick. Even compared to a "quick" car, a bike's straightline acceleration is in a different world.

19th Mar 2007, 12:03

No my car wouldn't have the power at only 260 BHP to beat that, but once a certain amount of power has been reached on a car it will beat a bike simply because of gravity and traction.

4th Apr 2007, 09:36

I'm just wondering if anyone can tell me, what insurance group does the Vauxhall Astra GTE MK2 fall under? And roughly how much it would be.. for a 18year old to insure.

I'm 17 now, and thinking of buying one after my 18th birthday..

*shock horror* 2.0ltr GTE for my first car :O :P.

I've loved these cars since I was about 6 and my neighbor took me out in his 16v 2.0ltr :)

22nd Oct 2009, 18:46

I own a 1989 red top Astra GTE, which has done only 84000 miles and was made in West Germany. I've had it locked away for ten years now, and I'm just about to bring it back out and see what looks it gets.

25th Oct 2009, 08:44

You lucky so-and-so. Just don't leave it anywhere. I don't know anyone who's had one of these who didn't have it nicked at least once.

19th Oct 2010, 02:34

To the guy who apparently kept up with a Clio V6 and wasted a 172... come on, are you being serious?

Funny how I managed to reel in a mint 1990 GTE 16v the other day in my bog standard FTO GPX... The poor guy was trying so hard he wouldn't even move over to let me past... you got owned my boy by an ftslow ;)

Accept the Astra GTE for what it is... a decent hot hatch in its day, but it's now outclassed.. just like my FTO is now outclassed.

Clio V6... LOL.

5th Dec 2010, 17:07

You obviously didn't come across a proper GTE 16V in good condition with a good driver behind the wheel. Your FTO will be wiped off the face of this planet if you came across my GTE 16V. I have beaten some of the other cars that the other bloke mentioned as well. New cars ain't all that. A good driver can always shave 1/2 second or more of certain times with a decent clutch and shift. I even sold my MR2 rev3 turbo and kept the Astra. Why? Because the Astra was more fun to beat people with. In the MR2 it was too easy...