28th Feb 2001, 02:05


The vibration noise was quickly fixed by the dealer, apparently something loose behind the front bumper which was being transmitted via the front wheel arch.

Engine running in nicely, getting 30-31mpg (perhaps I should be putting my foot down a bit more? ;-)

Just hoping that Vauxhall don't Turbo-charge the 2.2i engine - that would be stunning? (~210PS?)

Scraped my alloy on a kerb, £75 to repair (£160 for a new one...)

Swapped the front-grille for an Irmsher part - loses that 'standard' Astra look from the front.

5th Mar 2001, 06:43

Did the Irmscher grille come from the Vauxhall dealership? I agree the grille does look a bit 'normal', and the dealer left polish on mine which makes it look worse.

8th Mar 2001, 02:02

Yup, the grille was sourced from my local Vauxhall dealership. I believe they are the only UK source of Irmsher parts now... Was about £100 which isn't cheap for a lump of black plastic...!

2nd Aug 2001, 12:37

Just acquired a new exhaust for my Turbo from Sebring (90mm Twin). Gives it that meaner look, and also makes it sound much better.

9th Jan 2002, 16:50

Just put my deposit down on a Y-reg Astra Coupe Turbo, after taking it for a test drive. Fast even when you're not putting the pedal to the metal. Europa Blue with Black Leather and full Irmsher body kit. 12k miles. Price £13400 as an aunt got me the discount - BARGAIN. It's a shame that the body kit wasn't standard. Some of the reviews say the seats are too hard. Do you agree?

8th Jun 2002, 03:16

Owned one for a year. Fantastic car loads of fun to drive lays power down like you would not believe for a production car. Mine is Silver with the addition of a Spoiler. Did not want the Irmscher kit as front spoiler caught the ground when on a test drive. I've heard you can tune them further anybody done this? if so who with and did it enhance performance?

29th Aug 2002, 12:23

Had my Turbo for a year now and still impressed by it's performance for money. Solid build, much better than the Escort GTI I had previous.

Consumption is good for a Turbo av 32mpg on motorway.

Smooth ride the road noise is acceptable and is only due to the alloys.

No Problems with any squeaks or rattles from the interior.

Overall a damn good motor, just a shame that the styling is maybe slightly to subtle!!

9th Nov 2002, 05:27

I Brought my Astra Coupe Turbo one year ago now. Love it to bits, had Styling pack fitted and irmsher goodies. The Goodyear tyres seem soft or maybe my driving is too hard. I've heard Bridgestone tyres are hardrer. Also I've heard that there is an exhaust system out now that boosts power by about 10%. Plus Superchips offer a warranty to cover anything that goes wrong if you have it chipped. Small problems include squeaky rear brake and a few rattles.

Standard beats most off line and motorway. Good car for group 15.

28th Sep 2004, 07:07

I've have just put a deposit on a ACT in titan gold with cream leather, spoiler and only 30k on the clock on a 51 plate. for £8500 I can't wait till I collect it. at only 20 I can't believe I'm getting it. but I have wanted it for a very long time. anything I need to look out for when buying it? I cannot believe the performance on this thing and how easy it is to increase. any suggestions please mail me at


25th Feb 2005, 07:05

Not sure why you think 11k is good? I've just bought a Apr 2004 04 plate 2.2 coup for £10900 with just 7500 miles on the clock? I have a friend who works at a Vuax dealers who offered me a brand spanker for 13500 but was no point as would still lose 2.5k in less than a year!