24th Feb 2001, 17:32

We also have a 1998 estate 2.0L turbo diesel with 65 000 miles with the following faults: rear calipers seized, air flow meter faulty, rattles from the steering column, intermittent fault on the radio.

The first two faults are well known and common to the 2.0L diesel. The extended warranty paid for the repairs, but I'd never buy another Vauxhall. Any Vauxhall dealer we've used for servicing apart from the one who sold the car has been rubbish and dishonest. I believe it'll last half as long as my Sierra with twice the hassle.

1st Aug 2002, 12:26

I have owned a 1990 Vauxhall Astra 1.4 Starmist for the last 5 years and it is the best car in the world, it has never let me down and hasn't cost me A PENNY! There are bargains to be had in older cars, it just depends on whether or not you are prepared to 'not be keeping up with the Joans's'.

2nd Oct 2002, 07:45

Can't comment on the Astra specifically as I have a Vectra Gsi and a Frontera. The Vectra is just over three years old now, I've had it a year. The first six months were problematic and niggly, but since then it has been A1. The Frontera is coming up four years old and we've had it a year now with no problems at all. We are unfortunately selling it now due to other reasons, but that's a different story.

22nd Oct 2002, 11:00

I have a 1998 Mk4 Astra 1.4 16v with 89k on the clock. Bought it last december with 74k up and have only had a few problems associated with high mileage. When I bought it the car had no service history so with hindsight I should really have expected problems!

First to go was the camshaft and crankshaft speed sensors which meant the engine would hardly start, but once it was going all was well. Premier Vauxhall in Edinburgh then had the pleasure of charging me £250 quid, but to be fair they threw in a new timing belt at the same time so I reckon that one worked out well!

Next it decided to blow its head gasket, and having had enough of main dealers I bought the parts and had a private garage do the work. Much cheaper! Then the exhaust was replaced by the same guy from the cat back.

One final last problem is when it starts from cold it tends to rev at 2000-2500RPM for a few minutes from idle especially if it is wet, but it even did it during the height of summer. A few people have said this is only the auto choke kicking in, but I know for a fact it didn't do that last winter even in -16 degree cold! Anybody any ideas? Email me: superfurrycamel@hotmail.com if you can help. Hooked it up to the tech2 equip and it failed to find anything.

Apart from all this I love the wee car its just such a relaxing drive and so fast on the motorway for a 1.4. Cruises at 90 all day and still gives back 40-45mpg! Fantastic. Who needs a BMW?!

26th Oct 2006, 15:58

I bought an Astra diesel 1.7 over 24 months ago 65000 miles on the clock. It has been driven without maintenance the whole time since. Last week the alternator went, had a new one fitted and decided to change the cambelt set and give her a full service. Cost £360.00 it has now done 84000 miles which is brilliant. Economical car and reliable, hardly used any oil. Brake pads never changed.

Was a bit flat on acceleration, but I have my motorbikes for fun and this for my family. Slightly cramped on my left leg, but you can put up with that on short to medium journeys. Longer journeys are also OK aslong as its only a couple of times a year.

Comfort 7/10. Reliability 9/10. Economy 8/10.

12th Apr 2009, 13:14

I own a 2000 (W) Astra 1.4 LS 5 door (AC). I have had this car for almost 6 years and can honestly say the only thing that I have had to change was the waterpump (bearings gone), and I renewed the cambelt and tensioner whilst I was there doing it.

I have always found the Astra reliable, but to be honest I can only slate the handling. I have had two brand new shocks fitted on the front and it's still way too soft, in fact it tends to lean into the bends too much that it feels unsafe at times.

The clutch has just gone, and I was amazed to be quoted around a hundred pounds for the clutch and six hundred to fit it by Vauxhall... It annoys me that Vauxhall can build a car that they know the only way to the gearbox is by removing the engine and box together, or by having to remove the exhaust and front subframe assembly just to get to it. Manufacturers are making sure we get ripped off by having to take our cars to them for repair and designing them to make sure we have to. In all honesty, if I knew what would have been involved to get the clutch out, I wouldn't have bought the car. I can now understand why more people are buying older cars so that they can service and repair them themselves... Never mind, if the government get there own way there won't be any older cars on the road, so everyone will have to pay the rip off manufacturer's repair prices...