1997 Vauxhall Calibra 2.0 turbo from UK and Ireland


So so so sexy, and don't even try racing this machine


Only small minor problems.

General Comments:

Well this is a poor man's Porsche, it handles like it's on rails, and the speed of the car is deadly, it will thrash any crappy Ford Cossie (they are crap cars) and keep up with Porsche Boxsters. I think that says it all!!!... bye bye Cossies.

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Review Date: 21st March, 2001

21st Feb 2003, 07:00

I have to agree about the crappy Fords, its not just the cars, but the type of driver they attract, one step away from a BMW driver.

However, granted the Calibra Turbo is a very quick motor, but it's a bit of an overstatement to say it "thrashes" Cossie's. The Calibra shuffles off the mark to 60mph in 6.4 seconds where as the Cosworth can do the same sprint in 5.7 - its hardly a "thrashing".. but your spot on about the Boxster, well unless it's the 3.2 litre!

Still nice car, if only Vauxhall could have applied better build quality and styling to their other models then perhaps the often overlooked Calibra wouldn't have taken such a hammering on the used market!

BTW... what made you swap a Skyline for a Calibra?

19th Jul 2009, 07:46

It doesn't say anything about the Calibra in this review (if you can call it a review) being modified. If not then it's not gonna thrash Cossies or keep up with Boxsters. And the handling? You must be joking!

1997 Vauxhall Calibra 16v 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


Vauxhall got it right with this car.. all power to them


Crankshaft sensor failed (known Calibra problem). Will cost you about £150 to fix if you're out of warranty (I wasn't).

Handbrake cable requires replacing at every service for some weird reason, but they keep paying for it so I'm not complaining.

General Comments:

Love it to bits. If they still made them I'd buy another one tomorrow.

It may be a Cavalier in drag but who cares, people say it can't take corners but I, although not a speed freak, have no complaints.

Brakes can be spongy on first application in the wet, I assume because of the open style alloys so exercise caution on a wet motorway or after you use a power wash on it.

Pity they gonna dress up an Astra as one, but there you go.

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Review Date: 14th December, 2000

23rd Jan 2010, 12:32

Spot on! What a car! Absolutely typical that they design a brilliant car & instead of progressing with it, change it for an Astra based one!

The Astra version has no class & looks like a 'boy racer!

1997 Vauxhall Calibra 2.0i 16v petrol from UK and Ireland


Stylish, reliable and comfortable. A cool car


Nothing at all.

Since I bought the car 5 months ago, under the 'Network Q' warranty I have had new disc and pads fitted, the cooling fan rewired, a new boot lock fitted and I'm entitled to a free MOT for life.

I drive this car to and from work 4 times a day, as well as weekends when I do my discos. It looks very impressive when the DJ of your function pulls up in one of these!

General Comments:

I love my Calibra, ever since I first saw one I knew I'd end up owning one. This one just happens to be my third one!

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Review Date: 31st August, 2000

8th May 2001, 10:57

Great looking car. Mine is a 93 car and still looks as fresh as the day it was released. It has 17" wheels and an Evo spoiler and sports a 2.0 16v lump. Quick enough to trounce hot hatches, but you need to keep the revs above 3000. Unfortunately it can't quite cut it with the big boys, like the Jap imports.

1997 Vauxhall Calibra SE8 2.0 16V petrol from UK and Ireland


Great performance with Cavalier economy and reliability


Nothing so far and having owned my previous car (Cavalier) for over 5 years with no major problem, I expect similar reliability.

General Comments:

Cavalier economy and reliability with a lot extra in the desirability and performance categories. As far as economy goes, I am amazed at how much more economical the 2.0 ECOTEC 16v engine is compared with that of my previous Cavalier's 2.0 8v. 30 litres of fuel will cover 300 miles instead of about 220 with the Cavalier, when not booted to an excess obviously. Having said that, this kind of car needs to work and whilst acceleration from a standing start is not that much improved on the Cavalier, top-end acceleration at cruising speed is exceptional and very responsive. Combined with the V6 version's wider alloy wheels fitted to this 'Special Edition', handling is fine too. Good advice to anyone intending to buy a Calibra though; forget leather seats, make sure it's got Air Conditioning. I'd boil without it. Due to its sleek aerodynamics, ventilation is poor.

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Review Date: 14th March, 2000

22nd Oct 2002, 22:12

It is impossible to fit the alloy wheels from a V6 calibra to a 2.0 16V as the fitting on the wheels is entirely different.

Calibra 2.0 16v, and 2.0 8v models both used the 4-Stud fitment, whereas the Calibra 2.0 Turbo and V6 models used the 5 Stud fitment.

The author states that he/she has fitted V6 alloy wheels to his car. THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE.

12th Jan 2003, 16:34

Actually I believe they produced a Special Edition calibra in this year which has alloys in the style of the V6's, but produced to fit the 4 stud fitment. to an un-trained eye they would appear to be the same.

30th Apr 2004, 06:18

I originally submitted this article and the person who has made the 2nd comment here is correct. The SE8 was produced with the V6 version wheels and tyres with the exception of having 4 instead of 5 wheel nuts. My car still has the original wheels it was built with.

9th Jul 2004, 16:01


Iam a new 8v owner, love it to bits, but am becoming scared by little things!A taping noise has started to come from the injectors, but goes away after cooling the engine. Also its starting to struggle on start up! takes 3 or so seconds to ignite, this only happens when its been sitting for a few hours! and once turned over its OK! The car did sit for 3 years wonder if the injectors are bunged?

Any ideas???

9th Aug 2004, 02:34

The 8 valve is pretty bullet proof.

Try www.clubcalibra.net for helpful advice.

1997 Vauxhall Calibra 16v 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


Nothing, it was the best car I ever had!

General Comments:

I wish I'd kept it but instead I got a Honda S2000, which I don't like as much as I loved the Calibra.

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Review Date: 2nd November, 1999