11th Jan 2002, 17:02

I have owned my CDX Auto 2.0 Ecotec for 4 and half years + now and am very pleased with it - I have however suffered most of the problems that various people have decribed - from the Immobiliser fault to the timing belt rollers letting go! On The IMMOBILISER fault - the ONLY cure is to replace it- You need to locate the unit - usually right up the drivers side wall of the car - dog to get at -- you but a complete replacemnt control unit which comes with new fobs (2) from Vauxhall (only) That will cure your problem! Easy DIY install.

10th Feb 2002, 15:10

I own a cavalier V6 CDX I also have the same problem with it cutting out, my local vauxhall garage told me it was the fuel pump relay so replaced it but it is still doing it, I was told I couldnt touch the immobiliser as it was linked in with the ecu?any ideas anyone?

13th Sep 2002, 09:12

I've just purchased a Cavalier V6 which is a great car, but has an intermittent starting problem. I wonder if this is related. 99 times out of 100 it starts perfectly, but every now and again...nothing. By the time I've considered calling out the RAC it's fine again... very frustrating. My wife's Peugeot 205 GTi used to cut out intermittently and I tracked that down to poor earth connections at the ignition module.. earths were made to an alloy plate (heat sink?) which was then bolted to the body... very Heath Robinson! My car is fitted with an aftermarket immobiliser (Auto Watch) which I suspect may be the problem. I know that this operates two relays - one is obviously the starter - Does anyone know if the other is likely to be the ignition module. Presumably this should be easy enough to remove if found to be at fault.

9th Sep 2003, 05:28

I have a Cavalier CDX 2.0 16v (1994) I had a problem with the immobiliser too... It would keep cutting the engine out - but was only cutting out after restarting the engine once warm. When the immobiliser was found, part of it had burnt out, this was re-souldered and all is fine now! :) I heard a lady had the same problem (at the garage I use) and the garage replaced the whole ecu, it cost her more than the value of the car so be aware!! ;)