8th Aug 2001, 15:58

1993 1.7 TF saloon (acquired at 62K.. sadly "written off" at 94k).

Big car feel for working man money..

Economy held well.. recent 500 mile trip from London-Leeds and back put me out by about £45.. two passengers, some luggage.. comfortably cruising around 90mph... stable ride.. Turbo behaving well at 2500rpm.

Clever electric windows which can be powered without the ignition key if the driver's door is opened... avoids the annoying business of placing the key back into the ignition when you've parked up - with the windows down! (Poor/awkward location of window switches though - tight alongside the handbrake!)

Manual sunroof beginning to stick at two points in its operation.

3 clutch cables replaced in less than 3 years.. fault eventually located to small plastic ring on gearbox-caused tension on the cable, then snap! This also solved the almost impossible selection of 5th gear at one stage!

Very impressive standard speakers.. did justice to my aftermarket Kenwood CD system!

Comfortable for long runs, more so for rear passengers than front - decent drivers lumbar support badly missed - oddly, rear passengers benefit from a respectable armrest - nothing in the front?!?

No complaints of rust (vehicle not garaged).

Oil change every 3000 miles important to maximise performance and economy, calms morning starts also!

13th Aug 2006, 05:54

I have a '94 1.7TD cdx with 136k on the clock - had it from 2k miles, & it has NEVER let me down. OK so things are starting to wear out, but I'm still on the original shocks & the front part of the exhaust is original. I get between 45 - 65 mpg, uses no oil, cruises quietly @ 85ish, starts first time EVERY time. Not as comfortable as it could be as seats are wearing. Can't justify replacing it, although servicing costs may force my hand.

17th Aug 2006, 07:56

I've had my m reg 17td ls for 18months now. Bought with 103,000 on and now done 117,000. Replaced alternator shortly after purchase, but nothing else wrong. Starts first time, every time, uses no oil or water, 45+mpg and will cruise all day at 80+mph. Had "bigger and better" cars, but none as reliable!

20th Aug 2006, 09:44

Just wanted to say a big thanks to the person who left a message on this notice board regarding my Airbag light flickering on when pulling away. You were correct with your idea that I should check the Alternator for overcharging. It was the problem and apparently I should have noticed the burning smell! No, never noticed it at all. New alternator fitted along with discs/pad and accelerator bushes (did not even notice they were worn, just thought the slow pull away it was one of the joys of a diesel) Still the best car I have owned, as have spent very little in the last 2 years. This is the first real large outlay.

28th Jun 2008, 18:44

I own a 95 CDX 1.7 with 176k on her now, and she still starts and drives like new. Very easy to run and I love her. Have never had to lift the hood. Got her a full factory re spray and I love her to bits xxxxxxx.