19th Oct 2002, 13:15

I own a 1990 spec Cavalier SRi 8v. I've had it for about 3 years now, and it is one of the most amazing cars ever. My brother owns a Vectra 2.5 V6 SRi on a T plate (which he stupidly sold his Cavalier SRi for), and my Cav knocks it off the road totally! OK, there's a few problems with the Cavalier like the rear arches and fuel tanks, but otherwise it is that leaves you with the biggest smile on your face ever!

The Cavalier SRi is underestimated by a lot of people; mostly people who haven't had the chance to own one.

I wouldn't change my Cav for the world, it does over 140mph easily, is built like a brick, but goes like a dream!

So overall is the Cavalier worth buying? YES, if its performance, reliability and the fun of leaving turbo's and GSi's etc standing matter, it is the ultimate car.

21st Aug 2003, 09:15

I have a 1992 SRi 8v, and it's fantastic. I agree totally with the other comments except that these cars are faster than GSI's. The GSI is clearly quicker which is why I am buying one as well as the SRI!! The benefit of the SRI hatch is that with the seats down, there is enough space to house a small family. But the GSI will be used as a show car rather than everyday-which is where the bullet proof SRi excels!!

20th Oct 2004, 07:48

Hi my name is Gary. I have had my SRi for nearly two years now and I love it. It has never had a twitch go wrong with it apart from tires and brake pads. I will give my life before I sell this car it is SO quick. On my way to work a couple of weeks ago I left an escort cosworth standing. the ONLY thing I would do to it is lower it because the handling could be better. if you haven't got a cav SRi go get one!

20th Oct 2004, 11:29


Sorry to hear that you slept in the other morning and had a nice dream instead of driving to work.

The SRi is a fast car and they do not build them like that any more, modern cars are too heavy and need 200BHP just to look sporty (New Golf GTi). The Escort Cosworth is also an old lightweight car and is simply in another league to the Cavalier SRi, or any Vauxhall built before the VX220!