29th Apr 2006, 18:24

I have had my Cavalier since 1997 and its been a great car, done about 125k now, all repairs within that time have been quite inexpensive ones.

In fact it's never let me down!

17th May 2006, 17:24

I have owned my Cavalier since February 2005. My dad bought it brand new in 1995 and sold it two years later, to my uncle, whom I purchased it off. It's got 90k on it and has never let any of us down. I have subtly modified it with the GSi grill, and de-badged it and put a twin exit exhaust tip on it, and it still looks as good as it did in 1995.

A lot of my mates have Corsa SRi's, Saxo's and Fiesta's, and I just leave them. So for a 1.7td it goes very well and turns heads of other Cav owners. i have always looked after it, and it has looked after me, and I'd say it would easily do four times the mileage its done no bother.

Oh yes, I have put alloy wheels on it, and a pretty expensive sound system...

19th Jul 2006, 14:08

About your Air bag light flickers on, check your alternator is not over charging

30th Oct 2006, 14:01

I had a 17 td cavalier used it as a taxi did 600,000 miles in it on same engine and gearbox, without any doubt the best car I've ever had, shame they don't make them any more!

17th Mar 2007, 19:49

To the above comment, if you can find a distributor on a diesel engine, please tell me, I know it's a while since I last worked in a garage, I might need reminding :)

I have a 180k 1993 1.7TD (Isuzu) Cavalier, I'm a POOR student nurse, and its great for plodding to college and back in (50 mile round trip,) does 50MPG all day long, and is better on fuel than my brothers 1.5D Corsa! Cheap to insure, and comfortable! What more could you want? The car only cost me £80 last year, and has just needed a flexi hose for this years MOT!

4th Jun 2007, 15:35

Hi, I've only just my car it's a M reg 1.7 TD GlS. Its cost's me a fortune to insure being 18, but it is the most gorgeous car to drive!! It's a bit huge and a bit slow to accelerate, but it has to be the best present I ever got! The only problem I've had is something is making it make a loud ratter ling noise, but the garage say its nothing, but old age on my poor car! It has to be the best car ever!

18th Jun 2007, 09:36

I've had my 1.7TD gls cavalier 11 months and it's been a great car to drive. the only thing I've changed since I bought it has been the front brake pads due to usual wear. I've heard the brake pads go quite often, but am unsure if this is true. the only problem I encounter with this car is the brake pads overcooking when driving down long stretches of quick winding roads, but problem only lasts a couple of minutes.

1st Dec 2007, 04:41

My Dad bought a Vauxhall Cavalier for just over £550 with 116K miles on the clock, and has had it for about 3 years.

Nothing has gone wrong except sometimes on starting, it makes a funny noise and won't start. It sounds as though the starter motor is losing to wear.

Brilliant engine, roomy and fast too. I've heard it can do 120! Shame they don't make them anymore...

Great car, would recommend it to anyone, haven't been in any petrols yet though

4th Dec 2007, 12:10

Hi guys, I've got a M Reg Cavalier 1.7TD GLS. This car has never let me down. It has 149k on the clock and still going strong. Great on ecocnomy (45-50 mpg). I've covered 25k in less than two years and all I can think of spending money on this car is buying 2 new tyres and may be oil change. Brilliant family car to have. It still does 118mph even at this high mileage, and I reckon it should go upto 300k. It looks great, specially when I've got 16" alloys a Sony sound system and in excellent condition.

31st May 2008, 05:44

Hi there.

I have had my 93 Cavalier 1.7TD (Isuzu engine) since 1994, and with the mileage at 250,000 it is still going strong.

The paint has faded and looks like it has been fire bombed, and with the mirrors held on with electrical tape, it attracts no attention from anyone looking for a car to vandalize. The real bonus is that you can leave this car anywhere at all. When we go abroad for a month we park near to Gatwick or Heathrow and take a taxi into the airport for £5.00 and when we return the car is always OK, this is the cheapest airport parking yet!

Long live the Chavileer!!

23rd Feb 2009, 12:21

Well boys.. I had a Cav until I crashed it. I'm very disappointed. I'd buy another one if I got the chance.

Mileage is not an issue with these. Mine said 167k on the clock, and it was clocked, and it was still going A1. It used to do 120mph, and you can make them a lot faster by screwing them out and messing with the actuator. I know a lad that had one running at 1.3 bar boost and it ate GT turbos for breakfast..

28th Aug 2009, 06:08

I currently have an L reg 1.7 TD Cavalier (Isuzu engine). Just done 226 000 miles and going strong. It is an awesome car. I have thoroughly enjoyed everyone's comments on this page.

16th Nov 2009, 19:24

I've got a Cav 1.7TD, and I'm very happy with it, but today I was driving on the A406 at 50mph and the air bag light comes on. I really do not know what is that, but I have this car for 4 years now. If somebody knows about that, I would respect your help.

26th Jan 2010, 12:50

What a car, best engine ever, maybe just a little slow, but not bad. I've had 3 TD, and have had 6 Cavaliers in total, and the TD is definitely the most durable, easy run & something else? Cavalier/CAR out there. They are indestructible and make a lovely replica SRi/GSi.

Cavalier Turbo Diesel FTW.

24th Sep 2010, 08:56

I have done 100,000 miles in my 17TD Isuzu going to work at up to 600 miles pw since I bought it 3 years old in 98. It's never let me down once in 12 years. I agree with comments that this is the way engines should be built. MINE can't pull a small caravan up the slightest slope though now. My worst bill was for a head skim and new gasket, plus new radiator. £650.00.

My last point; if you get to 100.000 miles in the car, have a new head gasket fitted as they simply evaporate over this sort of mileage.

A mechanic friend reckons this engine made no money for Vauxhall in spares and repairs, and was dropped for a poor German replacement, needing expensive repairs at approx 70,000 miles, and put in the inferior Vectra.


4th Nov 2010, 11:25

I own a 1.8 LS automatic Cavalier which we purchased from new in 1994.

The bodywork is excellent, we have had no significant problems with the car, it just keeps going. It has done nearly 160,000 miles to date and does not burn a drop of oil. It has always been serviced/oil changed at 9000 miles as per the Vauxhall handbook and it has certainly not been hammered.

Without doubt, it has been an excellent car and I hope it keeps going (it still runs like new). I wonder how many miles others get out of these cars, I suspect an awful lot!