18th Apr 2001, 10:06

Fantastic car. Wolf in sheep's clothing.

I've also taken off the Turbo Badge on my 1994 Cavalier Turbo. It's got 118,000 miles on the clock and is still pulling strong. Just having the turbo reconditioned, showing a small sign of smoke after sitting in traffic for a long time. Considering the turbo has never been touched since it was new that's not bad. It still blows away my friend's Cosworth.

5th May 2001, 05:48

Fords ridiculous Cosworth?

A car that dominated the rally world for years?

23rd Jun 2001, 05:27

In case people might not realise it, the Ford Cosworth was really named Cosworth because of their involvement with the development of the turbo engine on the original Sierra RS500. Unfortunately for these Ford owners, Cosworth also designed the head on the Vauxhall 16v engine which is found in the GSi and 4x4Turbo. It really makes no difference to say "I've got a Cosworth" because some Vauxhall performance drivers can also brag about it! And for further info, in recent years its been Lancia that totally dominated the World Rally Championship with the Delta and in case no one noticed...wasn't the BTCC dominated for quite some time by the Cavalier GSi???

14th Jul 2001, 02:32


Who cares about rallies and history etc. The point being made by all these lovely Cav Turbo owners is that the Cosworth "was the car of the day", but the relatively "unknown" Cav was lurkin in the showroom and capable of kicking the COSY'S ass.

8th Jan 2002, 16:56

I'm now on my second Cavalier Turbo that I bought late 2001 after scouring the planet. 43,000 miles, not a notch on it. Wicked car, I just will be sad to see the day when the last one on the road waves goodbye. By the looks of my current vehicle, it will be mine 8)

Amazing Car - and Cosworths are just a memory in my rear mirror...

13th Oct 2002, 20:01

I have had my cavalier 4x4 turbo for 6 month now and absolutely love it, it gives me a buzz every time I put my foot down and feel the 285lbs of torque. Although it needs some love and attention that is expected from a 10 year old car, it doesn't bother me one bit, its worth every penny. These cars have amazing handling and so many extras. My cavalier has 103000 miles on the clock, but drives better than any other car I have driven. I wouldn't change it for any other car. I advise anyone interested in them to buy one, you won't regret it.

21st Jan 2004, 15:03

I do agree, the cavalier 4x4 turbo is a great car, I was just reading in total vauxhall about a 275bhp tuned turbo, they look great and go well too. I have a V6 but if I could find a clean turbo 4x4 I would whip it up! ASAP!

Lovely cars.

27th Nov 2009, 10:50

OK, firstly, the C20LET engine is hugely tunable, My Cav Turbo is running 305bhp on standard internals, I've heard of C20LET engines being tuned to upwards of 600+bhp, so, that's that sorted!

Now then, I've had my Cav Turbo for 3 days now, and it's by far the best car I've ever driven, end of, heated leather seats, 6 speed gearbox, subtle looks and a timeless design make this a sublime car to drive and own. I'm not 'dissing' Fords, as in their own right, they are fantastic, but for me, I'll keep my Cavalier thanks!

If you haven't got one, buy one, look after it properly and it'll go on forever, parts are readily available and not as expensive as you think.

31st Jan 2011, 09:47

I have owned 3 Cav GSIs and a 4x4 turbo.

The 4x4 was a fantastic car. I loved having a car that did not stand out until you put your foot down!

I have also had a Cossie Saph which was an excellent car too. After having both cars I noticed the Cossie was a lot easier to maintain and had less reliability issues than my Cavalier which was also very well looked after.

I enjoyed both cars greatly and would not say one is better than the other because both cars are great for different reasons.

I currently have an RS500 and I am working on a Manta 4x4 turbo project. :)