28th Jun 2001, 14:04

Unfortunately for Vauxhall's free insurance offers, almost every boy-racer in Northern Ireland owns a Corsa. Some have souped them up beyond recognition. No matter how good the car is mechanically, I wouldn't touch one, nor would any self-respecting citizen. I have just bought an all-new Fiesta Freestyle 1.25i Zetec, and this car is a light-year ahead, both in looks inside and out, and performance.

29th Jun 2001, 12:49

If you didn't like the interior, why did you buy the car in the first place?

20th Aug 2001, 11:07

Excuse me Mr All New Fiesta, but do you know that your Fiesta's chassis has been the same with no updates since 1987, All New Fiesta indeed!!! For your information the All New Fiesta is due out in October..

Now Mr Zetec S, you will find the insurance group is the same for the Zetec S at 8 as it is for the 1.8 SRi Corsa at 8.

How do you know the Zetec S drives better? Have you driven an SRi 1.8, I think not!!!

Because to this day there is only 1 demonstrator car run in the whole country and that is run at Griffin House in Luton, Vauxhall's head office and is currently unavailable to test drive, the only times this car was available was at three Vauxhall live events throughout July! I know cause I asked, and eventually drove one on the 21st of July in Oxford at Vauxhall live. And it is as a complete package far superior to the Fiesta Zetec S.

26th Aug 2001, 11:50

Read my review of a Fiesta and you will think twice about buying one, I had a 1997 LS 1.3. Where is it now?? The scrap yard. Why? It's no good!! I now have of all cars, a Nova GTE which is far superior to any Fiesta and less rusty even at 15 years old!!