9th Dec 2004, 06:00

Good tip mate, cheers! I've driven a standard corasa (Life, yuk!) and the ride is actually smoother in this lower spec car. I've been told this is due to the SXi's tyre and suspension setup (Sports), so I was actually wondering what tyre would suit it best.

11th Jan 2005, 03:44

SXi has lowered and firmer suspension compared to the Life model. The low profile tyres makes you feel bumps more too!

2nd Feb 2005, 12:02

I cannot wait to rid of the Pirellis now! They are so uncomfortable feels like driving a tractor at times! They do have amazing grip though! Just wondering now, whats the best alternative to them though?

6th Dec 2008, 11:07

Oh dear. Oil coolers don't mix oil and water. Period. I suspect the head gasket maybe at fault, not unknown on these fiat 1.3 diesels.

24th Jan 2009, 13:31

I bought a 2004 Corsa 1.3 SXi CDTi with 21000mls on it recently, expecting good economy but was disappointed to only get 48 mpg max in summer and only about 40 in winter. Most of my journeys are 5-10 mls and I do not have a heavy foot.

12th Apr 2009, 17:17

I have 2 Corsa CDTi's; a 54 and a 53 Designs. I recommend that unless you want to spend more than the cars worth, then you should get rid of them before they reach 80,000 miles. Both of my cars have done alternators £185 each, then injectors £175 x 4 per car + fitting etc, one has had a high pressure fuel pump £645 + fitting etc and now one has done the timing chain, sprockets and tensioners plus 3 hydraulic followers..

The one that has cost the most in repairs so far, has done 103,000 and cost in excess on £3000, and the other has done 92,000 and cost just £900 so far. They both cost me hardly anything upto 80,000 miles. Drop links, track rods and track rod ends are another thing to keep an eye on as well. I have also been told that although the service intervals are 20,000 miles, you should do them every 10,000 and always use the proper oil recommended. I hope this helps you all.

Other information is:

Lack of power and engine management light = possibly a small switch on the top of the clutch pedal (poor construction and often breaks) or EGR valve.

Engine not starting = usually either EGR valve or injectors/ high pressure fuel pump.

Engine missing slightly = probably timing chain and sprockets, but could be injectors. This can normally be checked by running the engine and unplugging each injector in turn. If the engine struggles as you unplug each injector, then it's not injectors. If it stays the same, then that injector is at fault.

The EGR valve is often the problem with these engines, and Vauxhall will charge you around £400 for this repair. This item can be removed and cleaned with the right tools, and may provide a quick fix.