17th Nov 2011, 04:09

Interested in a 2004 1.8 Corsa I have seen, 2 owners from new, 64,000 on the clock. Excellent condition.

A bit concerned about the electrical fault the Corsa seems to commonly have, and it's about 400 pounds to fix? Any comments would be appreciated. Apparently when it happens, the car just will not start!!!

June Birmingham.

14th Dec 2016, 11:17

Commenting on the comment made about Mr VTS. I agree totally with the Corsa 1.8 SRi. I have just bought an 05 plate. I have owned a Civic Type R which was quicker obviously, but I'm still surprised at the Corsa. And as for the comments about the VTS, the VTS is merely an old school boy racing tin can compared. It's like buying Reebok trainers over a Hugo Boss suit and drawing on them to think it's gonna make 'em look good. So for all you VTS wannabes, ya living in delusion.

Thanks for listening to a bit of truth... COOK.

29th Oct 2017, 23:01

My daughter had a 6 month old Corsa SRI 1.4 Twinport on an 04 plate. We bought it off her when it was about 2.5 years old. It covered 189,000 miles, then a few weeks ago the air bags deployed after a very minor shunt with no noticeable impact to the bodywork of both cars, but never the less it was written off due to its age. Apart from one complete exhaust, rear wheel bearings, one trackrod end, a GM timing chain kit and water pump, and new front brake and discs plus regular servicing, it required nothing (excluding tyres and front brake pads).

I run a mint MK2 Cavalier SRI 130 saloon which I have had since 1993 and is insured on a collectors policy. I have just bought a 3 door 67,000 mile 55 plate Corsa 1.8 SXI+ with full service history and many bills, plus it has the usual additions to this model. The only mods to this Corsa are an Irmscher back box, which it has had for many years, SRI Hagus mirrors and tailgate spoiler and Corsa C Exclusiv wheels, which were all fitted at request when the car was new. The second owner fitted Irmscher door pins and Tigra Boomerangs round the gear stick area. I must say I love this car and it is now a keeper, and fully Waxoyled like my 130, it goes nicely and is reasonably quick for safe overtaking. I like the shape of the car and the trim level, and it will only do about 7000 miles per annum.

I am 66 so I am not interested nor never have been in dangerous boy racer tactics on the roads, or care if it is 0.2 of a second faster or slower than a Citroen or Peugeot. Accept the car for what it is and enjoy it and ignore the immature racers. My friend also aged 66 drives a 3 year old BMW M5 which he broke the bank to have, and being an engineer he appreciates this type of car. He laughs at the guys in various bean cans with loud exhausts and air filters, moves over and just let's them go past, as he says with about 550 BHP he has nothing to prove and won't waste his time with sad idiots.