15th Dec 2006, 13:26

My Vegas is the 3 door, it has the cap for the lighter, but no lighter installed. is there any way that a cigerette lighter can be installed? are the wires in place etc...

28th Nov 2007, 16:40

I have a lovely 5 door silver Corsa Vegas, who I've named Johnny haha. In regards to other comments, you can fit a cigarette lighter; it does involve removing the radio to get at the wires and is a bit of a pain, but well worth it haha.

My Corsa has had a few problems; recently a new exhaust, which cost just under 100 pounds, then there was a problem with the brake drum.

The only problem I have with the Corsa Vegas is the wing mirrors; why don't they fold in? I must have had mine knocked off about 6 times whilst I was not in the poor thing!

6th Apr 2009, 10:43

Just bought a Corsa Vagas myself, to say it's a P reg, the gear change, engine and road handling feel like a car only three or four years old.. love it, 94000 miles.

3rd Feb 2010, 17:18

I have a 1997 P Reg 1.2L 8v Corsa Vegas, first car and it’s brilliant. Cost me £200 so as expected, some things needed seeing to, but nothing major or expensive for that matter.

I had to change the fan belt as it was completely knackered, spare wheel was bald, paintwork is faded, but I spent a good few hours polishing it with T-Cut and Brasso polish, along with a cheap Halfords buffing machine and some elbow grease, and it's come up remarkably well. I also had the problem with the exhaust clanging every time I went over a bump, and it was awful with people in the back, but I crawled underneath and found that the exhaust dampers that are there to prevent it were completely shot, so I replaced those and the problem has never come back.

Mine didn’t come with a cigarette lighter either, but as previously stated, in the ash try there is the hole for it, if you remove the cap; problem is I can't seem to find the wiring for it unless it is behind the radio like someone has already said, which I will check.

One last problem is rear speakers, there aren't any, which makes hearing the radio in the back a tad hard, and again I poked around and looked around for the wiring, but I couldn’t seem to find it there either, does anyone know if there is a wiring loom there for the rear speakers to be fitted or not??

All in all, a brilliant first car, all the parts are cheap and easy to acquire (Ebay has tons of it) which makes maintenance hassle free. 10/10.

Regards, Dan :)