2019 Vauxhall Insignia SRi Vx Line Nav 1.5T petrol from UK and Ireland




Climate control has a mind of its own.

Rattle from front suspension - will have it checked soon.

General Comments:

Insignia "Grand Sport" is a fantastic car for the money. Very high quality premium feel at Vauxhall prices!

Great looking in dark metallic red. Rare color - most are black or silver. Exterior styling on the SRi with Vx Line adds nicer alloy wheels and a subtle body-kit. When it's washed and waxed there really is nothing like it. The car would turn heads if it were not so common. Very low sporty look, like it is planted on the road.

Good to drive - very sharp handling. 1.5 turbo petrol unit is surprisingly powerful and still can manage 40 mpg with the auto box. Does drop to 34 - 36 around town and shorter drives. But still a fast economical car for its size, weight, engine and transmission setup.

Interior comfort is where this car shines best. Black/grey half leather. Seats are amazingly comfortable. Driving position is perfect. If I am being really picky it is annoying that I have to keep turning off start/stop and lane assist as I find them annoying. Rear passenger headroom also leaves a lot to be desired. But these are all small points. Boot space is massive.

Not quite as quiet on the move as you may think, but certainly not any intrusive noise. And the petrol engine is certainly more quiet than diesel.

I think they stopped making the Insignia last year. That will be a mistake - cars like this (large family/executive cars) have long term loyal buyers who are not taken with the current silly trend of crossovers and hybrids/electric. I plan to keep this car for many years, it will get all the servicing it needs to keep it going.

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Review Date: 5th February, 2024

2019 Vauxhall Insignia Tech Line Nav 1.6 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


So far so good


Some noises from suspension will need looked at soon, but really nothing much more.

The key to keeping these diesel engines in good order is to use good quality fuel and oil, and give them a long firm drive every now and then. This is not a car for short journeys! If you do use these on too many short runs, you may have DPF issues and other problems.

General Comments:

Stunning looking car in black, this Insignia looks the part.

"Tech Line Nav" spec is very comfortable and spacious, this car has the lot. Long drives are a pleasure. Muted cruising on motorways. The car has all the electric gizmos for phone and all modern stuff you need.

1.6 diesel is not fast, only 135 bhp in a heavy car, but it has plenty of torque, and it always does over 50 mpg so cannot complain. A bit noisy around town but as mentioned, very quiet at cruising speed.

Good to drive, slick gearbox and fine handling, not sporty at all but much better than previous Insignia suspension setup.

An excellent used purchase if you find a looked after car at a nice price.

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Review Date: 2nd January, 2024

2019 Vauxhall Insignia Design Grand Sport 1.5T petrol from UK and Ireland


Stunning, and a huge improvement over the previous Insignia


Other than servicing and brake pads and tyres, basically nothing.

General Comments:

Black metallic 2019 Insignia - bloody good looking car, twin spoke 17 inch alloys look stunning.

Design model is rather basic - but the car still has lots of equipment and comfortable seats. I bought used; if buying new I'd have went for an SRi or Elite model, but this Design model will do most people just fine.

Interior is also stylish and very comfortable. All the modern features are present. Cruise control, Bluetooth, USB slots, etc. I find start/stop and lane assist annoying though and turn them off. The car actually impresses most surprisingly on how it drives - very good handling, smooth ride but firm enough for faster driving. The 1.5 turbo petrol engine was a good choice, I just do not trust diesels, had too much trouble with them in the past. This engine is also a significant improvement over my previous Insignia, which although a nice car, it had the lackluster 1.8 petrol which was a very old design, not that powerful or economical. But this modern 1.5 unit is punchy, feels like a bigger engine, and is not bad on fuel - I am getting 38 - 40 mpg, not quite the 45 mpg claimed in official figures, but I do mixed driving, so with a lot of motorway cruising I dare say 40 mpg + would be possible.

Gear change is slick and nice to use for a manual; I was actually wanting an automatic as the previous Insignia had trouble with the manual gearbox, but they have improved it significantly on this model, so manual or auto you will be happy as long as you look after the car.

Headroom is a little limited for rear passengers, otherwise they have no complaints about comfort. Spacious for all, boot is also huge.

Unless they are selling you a new car, Vauxhall dealers are as miserable and uninterested as ever - since the car is older and getting out of warranty, I have a local mechanic to help me out if there is any trouble; these cars shouldn't be too expensive to fix and parts are as good a price as any car these days.

Overall it is pretty much the perfect all round car and much cheaper than other cars in this class on the used market, so it is well worth it. You will enjoy driving and looking at this car whatever model you choose.

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Review Date: 11th October, 2023

10th Nov 2023, 13:03

Both the older and newer Insignia are also considerably cheaper than rival cars like the Ford Mondeo on the used market. Fantastic value for money cars, shame they have stopped making them.