1995 Vauxhall Omega CDX Saloon 2.5 V6 from UK and Ireland


An excellent second hand purchase with massive savings on new


Rear silencer failed at 33,586 miles, one Vauxhall dealer quoted £250 for a replacement, another £175, non Vauxhall exhaust dealer quoted £55 with a 2 year guarantee, the only physical difference was that it did not have a chrome tail pipe trim.

Drivers door stay ripped away from door at 34,000 miles, internal bits fell inside the door cavity, causing an annoying rattle. Was advised that the fault was due to thin metal on door brackets on 1994 - 1999 models. Vauxhall replaced and fitted a thicker plate and parts free of charge under the body work warranty.

General Comments:

The Omega 2.5 V6 CDX Saloon is a lovely car to own and drive.

The car is fitted with every accessory you could think of.

Fuel consumption is very good for a 2.5 V6 engine averaging 35 - 40 m.p.g on a long distance, ECOTEC engine being very efficient and environment friendly.

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Review Date: 24th May, 2001

1995 Vauxhall Omega CDX 2.5 V6 from UK and Ireland


A lot of car for very little money secondhand


Appears to have developed a massive oil leak at 155,000 miles. However it is difficult to determine where it comes from. Once cleaned off and then run while stationary the leak does not appear. Once taken for a run oil appears on the top of the sump pan at the front and there is a burning oil smell with smoke in the region of the air-conditioning intake. Does anyone have any idea?

Other than one or two of the LED lights being out on the multi-function display, there have been no further problems.

General Comments:

Very quick compared to my 2.9 Granada, both on acceleration and top speed.

Very comfortable and roomy for my family of five.

The CDX has all the goodies I could wish for.

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Review Date: 20th April, 2001

1st May 2001, 15:22

I think that you will find the oil is leaking from the camshaft (rocker) covers, this leaks on down the sides of the engine onto the exhaust manifolds and eventually reaches the sump etc.

I hope this is of some help.

Unfortunately it is about a 3 hour job at Vauxhall and the gaskets are not cheap either.

22nd May 2001, 06:54

I have an Omega 2.5 V6 Auto which had exactly the same problem.

The leak is caused by an oil pressure build-up within the engine. The pressure increases when the engine is at higher revs (ie. when you're driving) and oil is forced out of the weakest part of the engine - in this case, the rocker cover gaskets. This is why your leak stops when the car is sat ticking over, the pressure isn't sufficient to force the oil out.

Here's a quick test for you to do: Remove your oil filler cap, place the palm of your hand over the filler tube. Rev the engine, and see if you can feel any pressure building up.

If you can feel pressure, I would ask your local garage to do the following:

1) Replace the engine breather unit that sits on top of your engine manifold (about £42+labour). The unit is just a flat plastic chamber with two pipes going into the front. The insides of the unit get clogged up with oil deposits (especially on older/high mileage cars), and it's very hard to clean it out properly.

2) Flush the engine thoroughly.

3) Clean out any other engine breather points.

4) Replace the oil with a good quality, synthetic one.

This fixed my problem, and it's run fine ever since.

Hope this helps!

Dave Garrison.

1995 Vauxhall Omega CDX 2.5 from UK and Ireland


Big comfortable car for long journeys


Hazard switch broke.

CD player sometimes refuses to do anything.

Headlight bulbs blowing.

Rocker cover gaskets.

Engine oil seals.

Slight auto transmission wear.

Computer temperature 20 degrees out.

General Comments:

Heavy on front brakes.

I have covered 25000 miles in 10 months, any problems I have encountered have been minor.

Spent quite a lot on general wear and tear items, brake pads every 20,000, tyres every 25,000, brake sensor cables, general engine seals and gaskets.

Very comfortable for 1000 mile round trips (Friday/return Sunday).

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2001