23rd Jul 2003, 04:09

Hi guys.

Seems that these problems that you've had are commonplace with Omegas.

I've got a 1999 2.0 GLS auto, I've had it just over 6 months, and so far:

New water pump fitted.

New cam belt fitted.

Central locking would not work on driver's side - new motor fitted.

Idle valve is faulty, needs replacing - car will sometimes cut out at low revs (Vauxhall quote £225).

Camshaft sensor is faulty, needs replacing - ECU light comes on sometimes.

Driver's side door stay arm has snapped, needs welding (apparently one of the most common faults).

Small oil leak somewhere, probably sump gasket.

Had to replace a bulb behind the heater controls - that was fun!

Headlight switch is only part illuminated, but I think I can live with that.

Oh, and there is a nasty little vibrating noise that comes from behind the heater panel when accelerating lightly - I really need to find it, before I go nuts.

Car had 65000 on the clock when I bought it, and it's now got just over 70000. Has all this excitement put me off it? Not one bit. I'll get all the problems sorted out eventually, and after all, it's one nice motor car.


5th Aug 2003, 02:58

Just a little bit of advice regarding engine management (ECU) warning lights - if you experience the light coming on, usually this is an electrical fault, with sensors being the main culprits on ECOTEC engines.

It is very important not to pull over straight away and re-start the engine, as the warning light needs to remain illuminated for about a minuit before a fault is registered in the computer. Otherwise, the car may regard the fault as unimportant and ignore it, and the dealer will not be able to read a fault code.


9th Sep 2003, 04:25

9th September 2003.

Yet another Omega locking problem.

I have an 'S' reg 2.0 GLI. I locked the car using the remote sensor and could not get back in. The car was dead locked and even the key in the door would not unlock it. A Locksmith was called out and he could not get in using the usual techniques. 'This car is like Fort Knoxs' he declared. The only way in was to climb inside the boot (which still unlocks via the key) and pull down the back seat button from the inside. This took about an hour to do and with much effort as Vauxhall put a rubber gaiter in front of the catch.

Once the seat was down he climbed in and opened a window to get out. The car was still dead locked and could not be opened from the inside or outside. It seemed the only way in or out was through the window. Luckily the locksmith remembered a safety device located between the drivers door and the front wing, he placed a chisel in the gap and hit it about six times with a hammer. Hey presto the deadlocks released. Apparently this happen in the event of a crash.

A GOOD RECOMMENDATION IS, if you having locking problems, leave your back seats upright, but NOT ENGAGED, this will allow you access in the event of all the doors locking up.


30th Apr 2004, 10:58

I have driven a diesel Omega estate from new since 2001 and it is probably the best car I have owned in 40 years of driving.

Prior to this car, I had 2 other Omega estates and 2 Carlton's, again with no problems.

I am currently looking at selecting another car to replace it and I am having problems.

No more Omegas.

Everything, apart from BASIC with Audi, Mercedes and BMW is "extra".

Nearly everything with the Omegas came as standard. Decent CD player, heated seats, air-conditioning, sun-roof, air bags etc., etc.

I may even decide to keep the Omega estate until Vauxhall comes up with some kind of equivalent.

19th Mar 2005, 12:13

The best car I have owned, I drive 40k per on business. I now have 90k on the clock all mine over 2.5years. The only problem I have had is a new clutch at 70k, though I was towing at the time. Would have another one if the were still made.

5th Mar 2010, 19:54

Hi, I've had a 2ltr 16v Omega, for nearly 5 yrs.

Yes, it's had a few problems, nothing that can't be sorted, driver's door,not locking or unlocking, on occasions, locks with key, stalls when not expecting it, engine management light on and off, but even with all that, smooth ride, comfort, room, and if driven sensibly, can return good MPG, and for a big bus, 36-38 mpg over 400miles, I think is OK.

Mine's an old P reg, with 168,123 on the clock,. At the last compression check, within tolerance, not bad, all for just over a grand 5 yrs ago, and I'd have another one anytime.

Thanks all Des.

20th Aug 2010, 19:21

Hi, just got a 2.0 auto Omega. Think it lacks in power a bit, but just got rid of a greedy 2.5 V6, ha try and get them fixed; nobody will touch them. I recommend the 2.0; much more economical. Ian.