14th Apr 2001, 03:24

If it's used Omega's you're into - and can afford group 16 insurance, then ex-police vehicles are well worth considering and in my opinion represent excellent value for money. How about £4500 for a 98 3 litre model with 120,000 fully documented miles? Not bad for a 149 MPH estate. I've found a dealer based in Guilford that buys them direct from the Police and fully de-commissions them (ie fills in all the holes). They advertise regularly in Exchange & Mart.

8th May 2001, 05:53

Having dealt with a number of Vauxhall main dealers over the last 20 years, I would say they are all pretty hopeless unless you are buying 10,000 cars a year..

14th May 2001, 13:25

My experience of Vauxhall dealers so far is not good either. After having a cam belt change on my request the car then appeared to develop an oil leak. This was traced to the rocker cover gaskets which were replaced. The cost was £73 per side plus labour. Total cost £363! Now the car has developed a misfire. This was diagnosed as a faulty plug lead. But surprise surprise you cannot get a single lead but have to buy a bank of three at a cost of approximately £73 plus the cost of labour. I'm actually still waiting for the part to come in. Overall I'm not a fan of the dealerships!

13th Aug 2002, 08:31

Anyone comment on automatic omega's and how reliable are the boxes? I've been told the fluid doesn't need changing and can cause problems if changed, does anyone else agree? Mine has done 90,000 miles in 3 yrs, but not sure if the fluid has been replaced. I doubt so despite the full service history. Email comments to me at simon@svpworld.com please.

13th Sep 2002, 11:20

My 98 2.0CDX estate has developed a missfire after long journeys. The engine revs, then dies for a few days after the extended use. Does anybody have any ideas for an easy solution. I would rather not take it to a main dealer just yet.