2nd Nov 2001, 06:52

According to used-car reviews in German magazines (note: the boys who thrash their cars at top-speed up and down the country all day) the wheels carrying the cambelt frequently disintegrated on early V6s. This is an engine GM introduced in the last Cavalier in early 94, I think, and so the Germans discounted it as teething troubles of a new engine. No mention ever of it happening to 96 or later produced models. The only thing recommended over there is changing the cambelt frequently, but that is unlikely to protect against the failing "carrying-wheels". This, together with being rust-prone until late '97 are the only problems the Germans seem to have.


12th Jan 2002, 17:03

Just a word on the ecotec engines, I work for a national company that runs Vectras (the 1.6 16 valve model) and have lost count of the amount of blown engines due to the problems described on this page.

The worst case was five new engines.


4th Aug 2002, 12:46

I have A 1998,S, 3.0 litre engined Omega, ex police car. I am having problems with lack of power at low revs (i.e. under 3000 RPM) and was informed it could be vacuum tubes, EGR valve etc.NO-ONE has been able to get to the bottom of it, even the main dealers, who have quoted me four figures to sort it out has anyone else had this problem?


9th Oct 2002, 04:41

Just recently bought late 99 Omega 2.5 cdx, the last of the 'old' style and am really pleased with it, touch wood.

I too am a traffic police officer and trust the engine to do the job for me as I have not heard of any problems with the later engines. The car is value for money and so comfortable.

My point is that there does not seem to be many sites on the net for Omega owners, even though there are plenty of Omegas on the road, does anybody know of any specialist clubs/sites for the car.