15th Jan 2003, 13:43

I think your summary is very fair: the Omega is a good driver's car spoiled by poor build quality. My 2.0 GLS now sounds like a tractor driven by a giant baby with a very large rattle in its hand. The clutch has been slipping for about the last year without actually giving up the ghost, there's a front wheel knock, the water pump is failing (fill up every week) and it's using a lot of oil. EMS warning light appears intermittently and the ABS warning light is now a permanent feature. Half the heater control lights have gone out and there's an ocean of rainwater in the rear passenger foot-well if you park it the wrong way on a slope. David Bellamy has set up home in the back seat during winter as the car is so steamed up all the time it must be a greenhouse. I've given up on it and will be trading it in before the next MOT (having already replaced the engine management sensor unit and the power steering pump twice each).

I can't fault the car's driving character, but Vauxhall bigwigs should hang their heads in shame. This is my fourth Vauxhall and definitely the most disappointing. Something radical will have to happen for me to ever buy a Vauxhall again.

Be warned!

10th Oct 2004, 04:40

Very much agree. Although I've not suffered the same number of problems (so far, at 95000 mls) the usual suspects of crank sensor, idle valve, tractor noise at start up, intermittent dash lights / controls etc. are familiar. Like a lot of things the more complex they become the more there is to break down; cars are no different yet I find I've become a bit more forgiving of my Omega the older it's got. My previous cars have been very simple mechanically, but the trade off for this ease of ownership was always lack of speed and comfort. Yes, Vauxhall could have (and should have) done better, but allowing the large plc which owned my car first suffer the depreciation means that relatively I'm still quids in. And Vauxhall engines do tend to last: there's an Omega for sale on the net just now that's done 272,000 mls! If mine does that I'll be very happy (and very old).

21st Nov 2007, 09:01

I have had most of the problems described above.

It seems that the components are really poor quality. for instance, the track-rod ends that I replaced snapped while taking them out - metal fatigue after 100,000 miles.

By the way, the omega is the worst car I have ever worked on, having replaced the clutch and the head gasket. never again!