26th Nov 2003, 09:14

I purchased a Omega Elite this January 03, almost 11 months of virtual trouble free motoring. Only put about 10k on the clock so it now reads almost 105k genuine miles. Hadn't needed to do anything to it as it still runs just as good now as it did when I bought.

Incidentally it is a 95 m plate in Pearlescent Green.

Lows - There is a couple of small rust bubbles at the top of the drivers door. A couple of paint blemishes where the local feathered variety decided to empty its previous meal. Top tip, clean this stuff off immediately because little did I know that birds can defacate with acid!! So 'dirt' can burn through paint work. Replaced windscreen.

What needs to be done:

1.Interior mirror was rattly when I bought it. Garage owner says they all do this! After a few months of rattling I decided to unassemble only to find several plastic clips had broken off. With a bit of glue, everything is now back to what I think it should be. Rattle free! But my dip sensor isn't working that great. Can live with that!!

2. Fog lamp needs replacing has it has a stonechip hole in one of them.

3. For some unknown reason I tried to open the car one morning to work, the battery was unusually flat. After firing it up with help from father in law, I was expecting all the sensors and immobilisers to go all weird. Alas this never happened. I do have a long run to work, so this brought the charge back up. Still no idea why battery got drained!

4. Could do with the 'phone' arm rest console replacing as this is basically 'dead' space!


1. Excellent drive, very very low maintenance (done nothing, not even cleaned the plugs) My idea is 'if its not broken, leave it alone'!

2. Excellent comfort.

3. Performance when you need it.

4. Apart from the previous 'lows' absolutely everything still works as it should, bulbs, dash etc etc.

5. How much you can place in the boot!!!


Very pleased with the car all round. Had some 'dogs' in the past, but this just needs the keys to get going!!!

Try some high-octane fuel, Esso or BP. May be a little dearer per litre, but you definately can tell the difference.