13th Aug 2002, 07:58

Update to my review 13th August 2002...

Now replaced odd front tyres with Pirelli P6000's, same as back. Amazing reduction in overall ride noise has turned this car into a hovercraft! For those who have a noisy ride, be sure to check your tyres!

Since the car has reached 90,0000 I am rather concerned about the automatic transmission fluid, so this will most likely be the next thing I'll get changed. Not an easy job though so will leave it to an ATM specialist.

Oh, and tested the ABS the other day... If you've never driven a car with ABS before, make sure you try it on a quiet stretch of straight road. The feeling is quite strange, accompanied by a loud grating noise, but sure does stop quickly!

Off up to Newcastle and Scotland next week, the first big 1K+ journey for the car. I will let you all know how it was when I return! Meanwhile renewed the trafficmaster license just for something new to play with, and fitted a CD player (CDR500) which at last supports the trafficmaster, head up display and steering wheel controls!

12th Nov 2002, 09:26

It's now mid november and I've already notched up an amazing 5000 miles on this car! As yet nothing has gone wrong and she drives like a hovercraft. I've recently had an oil change to Mobil 1, replaced the pollen filter and air filter myself. The pollen filter has helped enormously to "clean" the fresh cabin air and now the car doesn't mist up as bad as before. What can I say? This is one truly magic bargain machine, I love it!!!

26th Jan 2003, 15:47

I really enjoyed reading this article on the Omega that you purchased. I myself drive a Toyota Carina XXL for the moment, but really fancy an Omega myself. Having owned Vauxhalls in the past e.g. 16v Astra GTE and Cavalier 2.5 V6. I have had no major problems also, and would fancy myself in a 2.5 TD Elite or a CDX. At 170 hp for a diesel engine, it is very impressive, but believe it can be chipped up to a further 40 bhp, bringing a total of 210 hp, which is mind blowing for this engine. Being a BMW motor, it more than likely can take this extra power, but am not at all sure about the fuel consumption. Therefore I would love to hear from anyone who knows about this, or even owns a chipped 2.5 TD Omega.

My name is Ian and my e-mail address is claire@johnson6984.freeserve.co.uk. I look forward to hearing from anyone.

21st Feb 2003, 05:40

Update to my review - Feb 2003.

Well the Omega has now already reached 96000 on the clock and still running like a dream. Despite freezing conditions of below zero and leaving her in the long stay outdoor airpark for 3 weeks in temperatures of -5C the omega started first time and has never let me down to date! Fuel consumption seems acceptable and has improved noticeably on using Optimax, despite the extra cost. I suppose that I should think about having the auto box oil change, but on the other hand maybe its best to leave it alone considering it's a sealed box. A fantastic car, would like a bigger engine though with a bit more torque so maybe next time I'll get a 2.5 or 3.0 V6.

8th Jul 2003, 07:26

It's now July 2003, time for another update on my infamous Omega GLS! With almost 100,000 on the clock I am still amazed at this car! I have now switched to using fully synthetic oil, though other than the oil change this car hasn't given me any reasons to spend on it! Recently passed the MOT with flying colours, though I was told that some corrosion was taking place on the exhaust system and that the rear tyre treads were beginning to get close to the legal limits. Other than that, no probs at all (touches wood!). Has never failed me once, recently I have been doing a lot of gardening work and the omega has taken its fair loading of concrete, blocks, sand and slabs! A great car, still drives like a new motor (had loan of a brand new polo the other day and it felt as if it had done 100,000 miles, not the 2000 or so on the clock!)

Will probably replace the pollen filter again before winter and needs some new wiper blades, but otherwise this is a tidy car to run and even if a little heavier on fuel than my cavvy, its solid and sound!

31st Jul 2003, 16:14

What a First Class review - Keep us posted!

16th Sep 2003, 23:20

I have read your reports.

I am thinking of getting an Elite 2.5, now I know that I have to get one.

Great report.

5th Oct 2003, 08:35

I have Vauxhall vectra and I'm thinking abot getting an Omega CD. Keep your reports coming.

26th Dec 2003, 17:04

Update to my review! Christmas 2003 (Dec 26th 2003)...

Well my friends she's now reached 108,000 and still nothing to complain about this motor. I recently had the exhaust system replaced with a 3rd party back box and middle section. I am dissapointed though, above 2000 rpm its drones as if there weren't a back box! Question is do I have it changed for a genuine vauxhall part, if so will it improve things or just put up with it. LCD display on the radio/cd is beginning to show some broken digits, a very common problem I understand. The last cam belt change was at 72K so I guess very soon I ought to price this up very soon unless I decide to replace the car...

Great car, still a beautiful drive and rock solid, fantastic brakes and.. I suppose a reasonable fuel consumption for a big car, though on urban runs it averages a rather miserly 350 miles on 60 litres :- (

As I pointed out, my only concern now other than getting the timing belt changed is that droning exhaust. Perhaps it needs a new air filter too?


22nd Sep 2004, 08:52

I have enjoyed this review, hearing from an owner driving under real conditions is far better than a review carried out by a journalist who has had the car for a day or so.

I have been driving a Vauxhall Carlton 2.0i CD for the last 5 years and wanted to upgrade to an Estate, maybe the CDX or diplomat. However, an Omega GLS 2.5i V6 16v was suddenly available and I have to say that I am impressed. I had some trepidation, but having read these reviews I am heartened considerably. I noted a comment that the GLS has more 'bits' than the CD version. My GLS does not have steering wheel radio controls and so far I have not found any to adjust the steering wheel. The Air con is just great as I suffer from the heat and my old Carlton did not have it. Look forward to further enlightening comments.

15th Dec 2004, 16:57

Believe me, the Omega 2.0 GLS is bullet proof. I'm a taxi driver in Merseyside, and I bought the 2.0 Omega two years ago with 69,000 miles on the clock. It's now done 131,000 miles and still drives like a brand new car. The only thing I've had to replace except for servicing costs is the idle valve (£78.00). This car is highly recommended. The only problem is what do I upgrade to? No more Omegas, sob, sob, sob.

11th Mar 2006, 08:56

Hi Simon.

I've just bought a 2.0 16V Omega GLS so I thought I'd check out how it looked in the reviews (even though I've already bought it...I'm a "cross the bridge when it collapses" kinda guy!) and I really enjoyed your review. I was pleased with my decision anyway as I love the look of the Omega, I've always been a big saloon fan, but reading your review reinforced by happiness. Thanks for sharing!

14th May 2006, 05:41

Good review and updates, I've been looking for a German Barge (mine will be an Opel!) and having nearly given up on finding a high spec Merc w124 e class for sensible money. I might well go with an Omega as I spotted a 2.0 16v with all the toys locally.


25th Jul 2010, 08:36

Hi guys, I'm a little confused by some of the comments. I've just purchased an Omega CD 2.5 V6 24v, and this has got air con or at least it seems to have. Must say so far I'm loving this car, it really is just so much car for the cost. Air con, traction control, heated seats and mirrors, electric windows, mirrors and seats. It's an auto with sport box. So much for the cost, and it drives like new and pulls like a bull, even at 120.000 miles on the clock.