10th Oct 2001, 07:51


Just ref the noisy engine... Had the lifters replaced in my V6 omega (Vauxhall quoted £1500 for the works, took elsewhere and it ended up costing me £1200 on a quote of £700) But it did not fix the noise, in fact its now worse (deafening with bonnet up) and apparently caused by oil starvation in one of the heads. Still not rectified.

21st Jan 2002, 11:47

I have an Omega 2.0 Automatic and it too has a persistent engine cut-out problem. Traffic lights, town traffic, slowing for sharp bends etc. Have you been able to diagnose what the actual problem was and how it could be fixed... my dealers/repairers are totally baffled. They have inspected the Throttle (No), Anti-stall devise (No), gone through the computer diagnosic routine, 3 times, (No)... Please help!

22nd Jan 2002, 06:32

These random stalling problems are usually related to the idle sensor malfunctioning & cutting the fuel off.

17th Jan 2003, 07:39

The stalling problem is almost certainly the idle Valve. You could have it cleaned out by any mechanic for £20-35. This will however only last for a few months dependent on use and mileage. Caution it can cost £150:00 to replace.

This is a common problem across the Vauxhall fleet.

31st Mar 2003, 00:59

Most Vauxhall's have the need to be cared for when it comes to sensors and valves around the engine roughly every 10,000 miles. The stalling issue is normally the air flow sensor (unit between the air filter and the engine) which eventually picks up dirt/oil gunge through normal use. This and ALL the vacuum pipes need to be kept as clean as possible to reduce the chance of stalling.. but it only last a few months..so have it done at each service. It's easy to do yourself with the use of Injector/Carb spray for about £5 a tin (1 tin should do 2 cleans).

These are generally good engines if cared for... nightmares if not.

P.S...Dealers haven't a clue nowadays, if the computer can't see a fault, then they tell you it's OK... Find a good recommended independent once your warranty is up.

6th Dec 2004, 07:50

My Omega (a 2 litre auto) also rattles on start up and has stalled at the lights every now and then however with 170,000 reliable mile just clocked up, I can safely say its forgiven for these little issues.

9th Apr 2008, 19:32

Get rid.

My grandad had all the same things happen to him.

You fix one thing and before you know it, something else goes wrong.

These cars are rubbish.

I wish I could help you good look.