1990 Vauxhall Senator 2.5 from UK and Ireland


Big, comfortable and fast- but rusts a lot


Only that the original clutch cable snapped after 10 years of use!

General Comments:

In the 5 years I have owned this car, it has been completely reliable.

Performance wise it's a big car and really is most at home on the motorways. It tends to wallow somewhat in corners, but, when pushed, can attain a serious licence losing speed.

Its definitely thirsty! Too thirsty with the present price of fuel (around town, on short journeys, I only got 15mpg. Despite renewing lots of consumables etc etc, I found this was about normal.

Its major fault is rust- and they just rust everywhere, the rear arches first, seals then bulkhead.

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Review Date: 16th January, 2006

1990 Vauxhall Senator CD 3.0 24v from UK and Ireland


Cost effective high speed comfort


Timing chain had gone before I bought the car causing £3000 worth of damage at 69000 miles.

Electric's are the cars real problem

Drivers side door mirror only tilts, does'nt pan.

Heater fan inoperative.

Cruise control failed 5 weeks after buying the car, (common problem)

Treat the headlight wipers with respect, now on No. 3!

O/s/r electric window now failed.

Nearly all the dashboard lights have been replaced, which takes ages.

Brakes could do with being more fade resistant.

Continual small rust spots.

Dreadful CD player which has been professionally rebuilt twice.

General Comments:

A lovely relaxing car to drive, capable of getting from A to B quickly.

Handles very well given size and weight of car.

Wonderful brakes, as long as you don't keep using them - see above.

Leather interior in very good condition, but it's treated regularly.

LCD dash unusual, but excellent at night.

Air conditioning/heating system is great, when the fan works.

Heated front seats are now a necessity for my next car.

Dealers have a well deserved truly awful reputation, I heard that much sarcasm at a main dealer, I complained.

Some parts are expensive, electrical items mainly, but the rest is solid and reasonably reliable and cost effective.

Steady 75 gets 32mpg.

Genuine 152mph 4 door saloon.

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Review Date: 6th June, 2002

31st Jan 2006, 14:33

Yes, defiantly a very very fast car. With lots of comfort, and a superb dash at night. It should maybe have a warning speed limiter, as I constantly find myself doing over 100mph.

1990 Vauxhall Senator CD 3.0 litre from UK and Ireland


This car is as good as your Mums cooking on a Sunday!


Air con not working on purchase.

Door lights missing.

General Comments:

This the best car that I have bought!

Took my beloved Senator across Europe for the summer period and the car performed as well as I do!

Only problem being is that you should never trust a Vauxhall or Opel dealer with your beloved friend as they don't know what they're doing!

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Review Date: 7th January, 2002

1990 Vauxhall Senator CD 3.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


How many other 140mph cars can you pick up for a grand?


Rear diff noisy when bought.

Passenger heated seat not working.

Air con not working.

Mysterious misfire occasionally.

General Comments:

The rear diff (£90 s/h and 8 hours - I did it myself) and heated seat (FREE - a broken wire) have been fixed, but the air con (£1006 quote) doesn't stand a chance, according to the good lady.

This is my second Senator, the first being a 12v ex Lincs police job with 260,000 miles on the clock (expired after driving through flood water - the air intake is low). I'm hooked and my current one is a direct replacement, big thanks to my local Vauxhall dealer who had it round the back going for a song.

Huge amount of car for little money.

It's quite good fun to switch the digital dash over to KPH and see how far over 200 you can get ;-) (on the autobahns of course).

Mechanical parts appear to be reasonably priced, but trim parts are expensive.

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Review Date: 2nd March, 2001

1st Oct 2001, 22:13

You might want to check the airflow meter regarding the misfire.

I had a similar problem with my Carlton GSI 12v, and it took quite a while to find the source of the problem.

I couldn't find a nice 24v for a decent price in time when I needed to part with my 12v, so I've got a bargain Citroen XM 2.0i now. Nice car, but seriously lacking torque and horsepower compared to the GSI.



27th Dec 2005, 09:31

I had a similar intermittent misfire. Traced to loose spark plugs, split breather pipe between cam cover and throttle body and one partially detached plug lead. Good luck.