1992 Vauxhall Senator CDi 3.0 24v from UK and Ireland


Awesome car... They don't make them like this any more


Rear exhaust needed to be replaced. Brakes and tires renewed.

General Comments:

They don't make cars like these any more... Absolutely love this car. I've owned 5 of these Senators now over my driving time. Although I've bought other cars also over the years, I can't help going back to these old Vauxhalls. I love the look this model had, the noise it makes when overtaking other vehicles; they can be a quick, quiet cruiser, or if the sports button on the auto gear lever is pressed, scare the life out of the missus. Vauxhall should take note, and start building cars like these once more.

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Review Date: 6th September, 2010

1992 Vauxhall Senator CDi 24v 3.0 24v from UK and Ireland


Excellent car for very little money


Replaced to rear tyres.

Nothing Else so far.

General Comments:

The car is very comfortable on long journeys.

The acceleration from start with the automatic is not that impressive. However on the motorway the vehicle can attain very high speed relatively effortlessly. The automatic gearbox does not change into fourth until 135mph.

Handling is sloppy. The car has very little feel through the steering and the back end of the vehicle is easy to offend. It is more suited to effortless cruising.

I am aware that the timing chain is weak point on these vehicles. In truth I have not bothered to change it as I only paid 450GBP for the vehicle.

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Review Date: 15th October, 2004

1992 Vauxhall Senator CDi 3.0I from UK and Ireland


Vauxhall built rocket


My car was spot on with the only problem being the shock absorbers which I replaced with standard struts.

General Comments:

The car was silky smooth, but could be an annimal when required.

Without a doubt one of the best Vauxhalls I have ever owned.

Fantastic quality car.

Every luxury possible on a car.

It makes boy racers look like they are stuck in reverse.

These cars are becoming rarer these days, but are still able to outperform many newer cars with higher horsepower.

I would recommend them to anyone.

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Review Date: 26th October, 2003

1992 Vauxhall Senator 24 valve 3.0 CD from UK and Ireland


An executive fully kitted out express train


Electric ariel failed to retract fully.

Warning light came on showing a suspension problem.Found out there was a problem with the front nearside suspension. the car was under warranty and the dealer replaced all four units.

Cracked sump at 88500 miles. apparently very expensive to replace so I have had the sump plug and the crack from it sealed with a chemical metal compound. this will mean have to suck the oil out at servicing.

General Comments:

I have been extremely pleased with the car from all aspects with the exception of the dealers. The mechanics do not seem to know how to service the car properly. I have got over this problem by employing an ex Police mechanic who dealt with Senators all the time.

Average fuel consumption since 1992 has worked out at 24.6 mpg!!!

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Review Date: 9th August, 2002

1992 Vauxhall Senator CD 24V 3.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


The best motorway express at these prices


Head gasket shows a slight leak on a gas test, but still driveable. Note - I am told it will cost about £500 to replace, so if buying a £900 car beware!

This one has the surge problem I have heard of so often. I can live with it.

Distributor had to be replaced, shaft bearings wore very badly, and suddenly.

Air conditioning has never worked, I don't think it is worth fixing, personally.

Wheel arch rust is getting a bit unpleasant.

General Comments:

I bought the car for motorway cruising, for this it is unbeatable at the price. At 8* MPH the revs sit nicely at about 2800 (not much stress on the engine, or that head gasket), use the cruise control at this speed and you should see about 30 MPG.

The car has been touted at times as a sports executive, but to be honest the steering is too lifeless to be able to give the kind of satisfaction a "driver" may be looking for, my front drive Alfa 164 had more feel. If you really want some driver satisfaction at the same kind of price I think a 1988/89 BMW 525/530 might be a better bet. I know that most Beemers command higher prices, but some can be found at about a £1000.

I paid £750 for my Senator and it has given me 5000 good miles so far, but I think that I should have paid a little extra and gone for one with a good service history, sounds obvious when I say it now.

The auto box is very good, the "sport" button on the gear lever allows a good amount of control over gear changes and can actually be quite pleasing to use. However, if I bought another one I would try to hold out until I found a manual with full specification.

The power to weight ratio is about 149BHP per ton, which is quite healthy. Those used to more normal cars will enjoy the performance.

The adjustable suspension no longer does its job, mine seems to be set to medium. The handling at this is actually good, the balance is neutral and you can it take down country lanes at serious pace. There is no real feel of drama though. I also own a TVR S2, which on the same roads at the same speed is a white knuckle adrenaline ride.

If you are looking for a high speed cruiser its the best for the price. If you are looking for thrills you will need to modify the suspension and live with the steering or look elsewhere.

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Review Date: 30th June, 2002