1993 Vauxhall Senator CD 2.6i from UK and Ireland


Very good value exec saloon, avoid the tatties


I purchased the car with a noisy water pump, this had to be replaced with two worn idler pullies and a serpentine belt. This cost about £300 to sort. Air conditioning was also not working at purchase, a common failure that I am not prepared to pay large sums to rectify. The heater and fan controls were also malfunctioning, unbelievably Vauxhall can no longer supply these parts. Specialist breakers were asking about £120 for the parts I required, luckily I found a scrap car and paid £5 for about £300 worth of specialist goods.

Other than these faults that were knowingly disfunctional at purchase the car has since been A1 reliable.

General Comments:

A very comfortable and capable cruiser, which is relatively quick considerimg it weighs just over 2 tonnes (130mph apparently). Excellent for motorways, does 80mph at 3000rpm and gives reasonable economy, this however is not so good around town, mainly due to the automatic holding on to gears for longer than you would in a manual. Long distances are pleasant with extremely comfortable seats and an excellent 10 CD sound system. Full of toys and electric gadgets and more bulbs than Blackpool illuminations.

Insurance is relatively cheap for the size of car, I am 20 and with two years no claims bonus I pay £580 fully comp.

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Review Date: 18th June, 2000

17th Jan 2001, 15:56

Interesting to hear about the heater fault - I had exactly the same problem develop with my 2.6i auto (and I know someone else that had it with a 3.0).

Left hand side of the car was blowing cold; right hand side red hot!! The local main dealer were easily able to source brand new (guaranteed) parts.

You're right, however, it was expensive at £350. So far this was the only thing to go wrong in 15 months of ownership (touching wood!). Very pleased with the car in all other respects.

13th Aug 2001, 11:50

A Vauxhall Senator DOES not weigh 2 tons! About 1.5 is more around the mark.

1st Mar 2002, 05:21

Look at the vin plate, it weighs something like 2016 kgs, which by my maths is over 2 tonnes.

24th Aug 2002, 16:27

Sorry, actual weight of senator 3.o i24 CD is 1574 kilos see handbook and Haynes Manuel.

1st Jun 2003, 12:38

Hey I'm 22 and can only get an insurance quote of £770 and I've got three years no claims. where can such a fantastic quote come from?

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