2004 Vauxhall Signum 2.2 direct petrol from UK and Ireland


Nice car


Nothing yet.

General Comments:

I bought this car last month. It drives like a dream.

There is a clonking noise from the front, but I was told this is nothing to worry about??. After reading the reviews about this car with the 2.2 direct engine, pump problems etc etc, I am a bit worried that I will soon also have problems, Just hope not!! Any comments are welcome please.

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Review Date: 25th December, 2009

26th Dec 2009, 20:41

A clunking from the front could be many things, but I would think it would probably be suspension bushings, which can be changed easily and cheaply on most cars. If you think a problem may occur with a pump in the future, then you could change it for a compatible pump of better quality. I say that.. but I don't really know which pump we're on about, just trying to be helpful.

12th Feb 2011, 17:34

High pressure fuel pump is the one, but when it's changed it's usually the end to the problem. They have upgraded it to a Continental pump instead of Siemens. The knocking noise is the radiator mounts, WD40 on each corner will stop the noise. Hope this helps.


2004 Vauxhall Signum Design DTi 2.2 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland




Boot release; £20 to fix with a new catch.

Rear suspension after 30000 miles; gas shocks fitted.

Hand-brake failed twice. Leave it in gear now

New clutch at 70000 miles. £1200 for new.

Engine management light on all time.

Rumbling at rear like a wheel bearing. Dealer says it's OK

To top it all, a driver at the Vauxhall garage was seen to be doing 60 mph in 30 limit while testing. When reported I only got a SORRY.

General Comments:

Car nice to drive.

Tows well.

Full body kit, so it looks stunning.

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Review Date: 25th August, 2008

2004 Vauxhall Signum Design Direct 2.2 dti from UK and Ireland


It's a let down!


I am currently having a diagnostic test done on all 21 circuits. Three days ago it was diagnosed and repaired for having a faulty speed sensor on the auto transmission. There are two of these, one being under the battery. I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM THREE DAYS AFTER REPAIR.

The engine management light came on, and also the little engine light. I needed to get the car home immediately after the second breakdown. I managed this by turning the engine off and driving in the gear shift option.

Later in the day, after arranging to take it back to Vauxhall, I started the car up and the engine management light was off, but the car still sounded lousy.

I'm also having an awkward noise coming from the front left wheel; in fact it sounds like an old creaky couch. The bushes were replaced last Feb.

I've also recently developed a squeak, which appears about 50 mph from what seems to be the rear left side wheel.

I paid £10,000 in Feb 06 for this car, and I feel I've just wasted my money.

General Comments:

It is a good looking car, and when working it's a nice drive on the motorway.

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Review Date: 24th August, 2007

2004 Vauxhall Signum Design 2.2 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Great car, lousy build quality


Rear shock absorbers needed replaced within 6 weeks of purchase of the car - car sold and serviced by Vauxhall dealer, surely they look underneath the car before sending them out to customers?

Within 3 months front brake discs and pads required - car still not reached 30,000 miles, my previous two Volkswagens had been traded in with 50,000 miles on the clock and the original brakes were still perfect.

Automatic gearbox failed at 70 miles an hour on outside lane of motorway - sudden loss of speed very scary! A pipe had come loose apparently.

Rear footwell filled with water in heavy rain, appeared to come round the door trim.

General Comments:

Car when working was quick, economical and very comfortable.

Seats are supremely comfortable and handling excellent in the Design model.

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Review Date: 15th April, 2007

21st Jun 2011, 12:37

Did the car still drive or just lose all power and would not drive?