1998 Vauxhall Sintra CD 2.2 16v from UK and Ireland


A fantastic car


Things that have gone wrong are the headlights have been fixed cheaply by previous owner, and are now very dull; that's all.

Passed it MoT straight away, no problems.

General Comments:

Very quick. Outpulls sport cars; MG TF LOL, and handles well, as it's lowered 50mm on springs with Zafira 17 inch alloys.

Stops on button with green stuff pads and drilled and grooved discs; that's front and rear.

Only downside is no styling bits!

8 seater version, so very very versatile.

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Review Date: 13th October, 2010

1998 Vauxhall Sintra CD 2.2i from UK and Ireland


A potentially excellent vehicle, let down by Vauxhall's decision to withdraw support for the model


Headlight glass fell off.

Rear disk warped. Had to be replaced.

Front wheel bearing very noisy - had to be replaced.

Drive belt pulley noisy. Had to be replaced.

Central locking a bit unreliable.

Starter motor went. Replaced it myself. Difficult!

Leads and coil pack needed replacing (wear and tear).

Makes slight clonking noise when turning corners. Two garages have had it to bits. Neither can find a reason! One changed a drive shaft, but noise was still there!

A mechanic friend says it may be a bearing at the top of the shock absorber. Doesn't seem to cause any bother, though.

General Comments:

Very good for its purpose.

Carries 7 adults and a bit of luggage in comfort.

Powerful and economical (30 mpg. 100 mph+ if you are brave enough!)

Pulls like a diesel due to the injection.

Very cheap on the second hand market.

Engine is stock Vauxhall 2.2 engine, so parts available.

Body parts and some spares are a nightmare to find, and some have to be ordered from the main dealers at great expense.

Some pattern parts are available, wheel bearings etc. Need to shop around.

Brought out to compete with the Chrysler Voyager. Failed! Only 3000 sold, so Vauxhall brought out the smaller, less versatile Zafira and later stopped supporting the vehicle.

Spares are available from the USA where the Sintra is still sold as the Chevrolet Venturer.

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Review Date: 8th January, 2008

30th Jan 2008, 05:32

Just don't whatever you do crash it! The NCAP performance in the head on impact was frightening.

23rd Jun 2009, 16:28

The clonking noise when turning could be the track rod end. I had the same problem; cheap and easy to fix, but will need tracking afterwards.

1998 Vauxhall Sintra CD 2.2 petrol from UK and Ireland




Water pump at 42.000 miles.

General Comments:

Nice car to drive and live with.

The kids love the space, and there's plenty of room for the mother in law.

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Review Date: 15th December, 2005

20th Dec 2005, 04:55

I traded my 1997 Sintra in earlier this year for a Fiat Doblo and it was one of the best decisions I have made. The electrical faults were becoming so frequent that the Vauxhall Main dealer wanted to charge £100 just for trying to find out what was wrong. It used to do about 15mph around the doors. In contrast my diesel Doblo does 45mph, is cheap and reliable to run and can carry all the stuff that I used to carry in the Sintra. I really liked my Sintra, but the Doblo is better in almost every respect.

1998 Vauxhall Sintra CD 2.2 TD from UK and Ireland


Great family car loads of space an old friend!


Mass Air Flow failure

New Fuel Pump

Both failed together whilst on holiday in France and car had to be repatriated by RAC on low loader. Cost for repair £2,000.

General Comments:

Other than basic tyre wear, this had been a great MPV, comfortable, loads of luggage space, we could get our daughters wheelchair in the back luggage space without folding.

Low geared and slow on exceleration although just cruises at high speed on the motorway.

Very basic controls easy to use.

Not many about so even dealers don't seem to have much expertise although the Opel dealer in France got problem spot on.

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Review Date: 14th September, 2005

1998 Vauxhall Sintra CDi 2.2 from UK and Ireland




Excellent car for space & comfort, but in my experience, the water pump fragmented and jumped the cambelt off the engine causing £900-00 of damage. Have been told it's a common problem to Sintras & affects Zafiras. Also told that these cars are unusual in that the cambelt drives the water pump. Sintras' engines are crammed into a relatively small space so when the engine needs repairs it takes a long time and costs more. Having said that the Vauxhall service centres are excellent value for money and I would NOT recommend taking these cars to local garages. They usually don't have the necessary knowledge

Battery inaccessible, costly to replace

CV Gators constantly wear out

Have suffered electrical problems.

General Comments:

Super car

Costly to run, costly to maintain

Keep an eye on the cambelt & water pump particularly

Better on long journeys than short ones-massively more economic.

Lovely riding position. Despite the above problems, I still love this car.

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Review Date: 8th September, 2004

2nd Nov 2005, 15:56

Battery looks difficult to replace, but with a little patience and basic knowledge it's quite straightforward.

New battery cheapest from Vauxhall.

14th Sep 2006, 15:49

We found battery very awkward and time consuming to replace. The Sintra has been out of production for a few years, and I think a lot of the batteries are past their best, we bought a new one from a Vauxhall dealer, and it lasted little more than six months, we have have the connectors on the leads changed to accomodate a normal heavy duty battery, much better.

We've read some very negative comments about this car, but we love ours, and with 3 kids, it is a must, and the sliding doors invaluable for getting them in and out, in todays inadequate parking spaces.

28th Sep 2006, 14:38

Battery is tricky, but I have it down to 20 minutes and agree with previous comment, cheapest from Vauxhall. Have had mine converted to run on LPG and get equivalent to 60-65 mpg. Initial cost his high, £2000 but even when towing a large caravan performance doesn't suffer.

20th Apr 2010, 12:16

I paid £900 for my LPG conversion.