16th Jan 2004, 13:36

Help is the word. I own a Sintra, and in reference to parts for this car; you cannot get the parts.

I even went right to to the top at Vauxhall, as it's made by Opel, and imported from the USA. I've even looked in the USA, so if you know of anywhere in the world that stocks parts for this, can you please tell me, as I've tried for 10 weeks to get a CV joint. There's no hope.

Contact me tcolclough@lineone.net

18th Feb 2005, 01:17

I have owned a Sintra 2.2CDi, and it would seem that I have, or have had most of the problems listed, plus one or two beside, namely a failed front wheel bearing, which cost £250, and recently, the rear wiper motor seized up (causing damage to a nylon gear inside). I sourced a replacement for USD75.00 from the US (a lot cheaper than Vauxhall UK!).

GM produces the Chevrolet Venturer / Oldsmobile Silhouette, which have an almost identical body shell and fittings to the Sintra (except for the engine compartment of course...) so I managed to source a Haines manual from the US for them, which is helpful.

Can anyone tell me whether the Sintra engine is the same as the Omega? Also, I have (as with another contributor) removed the alarm, because I thought it unfair to subject the neighbours to the intermittent and nocturnal spurious alarms. Does anyone know why this is the case, and what can I do to rectify it?

Also, when closing, the driver's side window now reaches the end of its travel, and then reopens to about 1 inch! Again, does anyone have any ideas, please?

As I like the car, but have spent 'enough' on it over the years I've owned it (since 1997) I would like to keep it running as long as possible, but I wonder if this might not be an economical proposition...?