2005 Vauxhall Tigra 1.3 CDTi turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Steer clear


1) Heater plugs needed replacing - £145.

2) Two wishbones - £300.

3) Makes an intermittent grumbling noise. Has been in the garage, but they could not find anything (have to tolerate it).

4) Clutch bearing stuck (called out the AA). Spent a nice day in the Lakes waiting for a recovery truck.

General Comments:

1) What can I say Vauxhall, this car is so under powered it's downright dangerous; when you set off on any kind of incline, it's like you've left the handbrake on. I hear you can have the option for 20 BHP more in some Corsas with the same engine. However Vauxhall didn't consider this appropriate for the sporty Tigra.

2) To move the seats forward, the handle is on the inside of the seat for some reason; very, very awkward.

3) The console between the seats where the gear stick is placed, does not meet the center of the dash.

4) The electric boot takes an age to open and close, so when it's raining, believe me you're getting wet.

5) When it's frozen, the boot does not always open.

6) Both the roof and the electric boot only open when they want to; you have no input on this, they dictate to you.

7) The electric roof on occasions does not always close flush.

8) Vauxhall have made so many safety buzzers, that if something is not done in the formation Vauxhall have dictated (and there's no clues to what this order is), you're left with various buzzers screaming in your ears.

This car was low mileage with FSH, and was not mistreated. This lack of common sense and ridiculous designs makes Ladas from the 70s look like something from the Space Race.

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Review Date: 1st August, 2014

4th Aug 2014, 06:15

I was stupid enough to buy an Opel Tigra, red sports coupe, that had a 1.6 petrol engine. Although the acceleration was adequate, the whole experience was not pleasant - I lost money, time, and any desire to buy any European car after that.

Countless faults, including the timing belt snapping at 35K due to a seized bearing in the tensioner, costing me (mate's rates) $1000 for the whole job - new belt, bearings, this and that.

The headlight levelling system was made of such cheap plastic, that the controlling pins in the headlight (both R and L) snapped after 6 months of ownership.

Those Tigras had such bad reputation, that I couldn't sell mine for 6 months, even though I was asking only 1/4 of the original price.

Verdict: Cost me money, time and trust in humankind.

4th Aug 2014, 06:20

"..This lack of common sense and ridiculous designs makes Ladas from the 70s look like something from the Space Race.."

At least Ladas were easy to fix.

Modern euro cars have too much useless electronics, that were installed with the purpose of cutting fuel usage, thus saving you money, but due to atrocious quality and design, all these useless bells and whistles cost us 1000s more than any petrol saved.

Save $20 on petrol per year - pay 1000s in repair bills and indirect costs (taxis, tow trucks, frustration).